NM to Dump Electoral College Vote?


Let’s face the vile, nasty little fact that Democrats throughout the country are completely out of control. They don’t give a rip about the Constitution, that’s obvious.

Well, here in New Mexico, they’re emulating their big brothers and sisters in Washington and doing everything to destroy the Constitution.

Now it is the Electoral College they’re trying to dump.  When you consider that the “Interstate Compact” NM wants to join includes the abjectly corrupt Illinois, it makes a person wonder just what is going on here.

“…If the bill passes the Legislature and is signed into law by Gov. Bill Richardson, the state would join an interstate compact. The agreement only would take effect after states with electoral votes totaling more than half the national total had joined the compact — 270 of 538. That would guarantee that whoever won the popular vote nationally would win the election.

So far only four states — Illinois, New Jersey, Maryland and Hawaii — have joined the interstate compact. Those four states have 50 electoral votes among them.

Stewart said the bill is not unconstitutional because the U.S. Constitution does not dictate that states deliver all their electoral votes to the candidate who wins a plurality of the vote. All but two states — Nebraska and Maine — currently use the winner-take-all system to cast electoral votes.

In recent elections, New Mexico has been part of a handful of battleground states which account for the lion’s share of major-party candidate money and attention in the general election season.

The fiscal impact report on HB383 says the legislation “has the potential to disenfranchise the majority of a state’s voters as the national winner is not necessarily the candidate who wins the votes within a state. It would reduce the rights of states and increase the rights of individuals in all states. Each state would relinquish an independent role by mandating it be party to the National Popular Vote Compact.” …”