How Long Are We Going to Put Up with Obama’s Shit?


I rarely use profanity on The Pink Flamingo, but this is one of those times.

Just how long are we going to sit back and put up with Obama’s Shit?

When are we going to start taking out the MSM who is enabling him?

When are we, the rank and file American people going to demand our conservative talking heads do what is right and honorable and start fighting with us, not against us?

Archbishop Charles Chaput is very concerned about Obama Worship.

Why do the Dems, the MSM, and the Obama Administration, along with his willing minions want to destroy the must successful country in the world?

Why do they want to ruin a standard of living second to none – in the history of civilization?

What is the point?

How do we stop them?

What is going on here?

It makes absolutely no sense.  There is no logic.  There is no rational explanation other than pure power.

1.  Obama’s Socialist Health Care Take-Over is going to cause the death of millions of people and destroy one of the finest health care systems ever known. His take-over must be stopped.

2.  He is creating a sense of “crises” to take over the entire country.

3.  Obama’s ban on guns is continuing.

4.  He is seeking to destroy the private sector, and allow government to control everything.

5.  He will try to destroy the GOP through unconstitutional power grab of the census.

6.  The Carbon Cap and Trade

7.  Raising taxes on the “wealthy” to pay for his health care.

8.  The great health care con.

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6 thoughts on “How Long Are We Going to Put Up with Obama’s Shit?

  1. I don’t understand any of this either. I feel like vomiting every time I watch the news. I feel like moving to a dark cave somewhere, but I’m afraid they’ll find a way to tax me there, too. The only comfort I get is knowing that God is in control. WHY He’s permitting this is beyond me, but it must be for something ultimately good. Sigh.

  2. The Bullshit YOU are describing Mister is simply that!!! You blaming Our Great President Obama for all the *&^%ING shit Cheney/BUSHit caused!!! WE the People WANT …you hear WANT what Pres. Obama is doing!!!! The one man who wants to crawl in cave! GO!! *&^% you go back to Europe the land of YOUR heritage and eveything you’re bitching about right now YOU’LL have to live with there.!!! WE NEED more Socialism we NEED more of what they are doing! Now it is you “ladder of life in Quicksand” Republican Cry babys live 8 years of economic repair, social repair, and Repairing the American Standard set forth by our founding Fathers!!!

    Now crawl in your cave and Cry Baby!!!

    NOTE: The Pink Flamingo does not allow the “F” word on her blog or to be spoken in her home.

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