Why Republicans Are Losing – CPAC Perfect Example


Some liberal made fun of CPAC by comparing it to a Star Trek convention.  You know, that made me mad.  They were insulting Star Trek.

CPAC is the perfect example of why conservatives give Republicans a very bad name.  When they should be their most positive, giving the nation something to latch on to, they spend their petty little time criticizing George W. Bush, when they should be taking out Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Barack Obama.

From what I gather this year’s CPAC was nothing but a platform to do everything possible to slam George W. Bush.

From the UPI:

“…Former President George W. Bush also had little support. Several speakers, including former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, R-Ga., linked him to Obama, Politico reported.

Romney criticized Bush for failing to develop his own stimulus plan last summer. Criticizing Bush’s response to Hurricane Katrina in 2005, another former presidential hopeful, Mike Huckabee, told the attendees, “You know what kind of conservatives we need most? Competent conservatives,” a play on Bush’s call in 2000 for compassionate conservatism….”

When Ron Paul takes 13% at the “Straw Poll” you know something is terribly wrong with this picture and the Ferengi have taken over the Federation.  The serious problem with “CONSERVATIVE” is the fact – and I’ve repeated this repeatedly – Conservatives aren’t necessarily Republican.  The crowd at CPAC proves it, if anyone cares to comprehend what just happened.

John Zeigler made most of the luminiaries at CPAC look like dirt:

“…ZIEGLER: We as conservatives need to stand up and defend people who are unfairly targeted as Sarah Palin was so that other people on our side in the future will not face the same thing and other people on our side will have the guts to stand up and take the arrows. Because if we’re not defending the people who are taking the arrows on our side, guess what’s going to happen? They’re all going to be lying dead on the battlefield and we’re not going to have any more soldiers because no one else is going to take the chance.

And I’ve got to say a few words about the Right in this situation too because sometimes we get what we deserve on this issue because we are oftentimes a lot of cowards. We don’t stand up for our own, we don’t stand up for what we believe, we allow ourselves to be tortured in the news media and a lot of us end up selling out to the other side for a guest spot on Meet The Press or Larry King Live because they know that a conservative saying something bad about another conservative is automatically going to be newsworthy and get them a higher profile. Well, those people ought to be ostracized and punished. (Applause). And this goes far deeper than just those who are traitors for a spot on Meet The Press. I mean, this goes throughout the entire organizational structure of the conservative movement. They do not take this issue seriously. They do not protect their own. They do not promote causes for people who are truly in it for the cause rather than just themselves and their own self-aggrandizement….”

Conservatives like Rush Limbaugh who are apologizing and standing up for Bobby Jindal’s deplorable outing the other night are the ones who are causing the GOP to lose.  When are they going to have the intellectual honesty to admit that a member of their little conservative club screwed up and failed?

Rush told his CPAC flunkies that conservatives were in search of the mythical great hope.  Rush Limbaugh has a terrible track record of predicting winners, an latching on to them.  He wouldn’t know a gifted GOP leader if one punched him in the jaw – and that’s the pathetic problem.  The reason he would not know the next great GOP hope is because the person won’t agree 100% with Limbaugh.  If SHE does not agree, Limbaugh will refuse to support HER.  If SHE does agree 100% with Limbaugh, we’ve already lost.

You see, it really isn’t about what Limbaugh believes or does not believe or our next GOP leader believes.  It is what is required to get HER elected in 2012 and Barack Obama defeated.

And that’s one of the most serious problems facing conservatives today – enough to doom their movement into extinction.  They are unable to compromise and look at an issue in a different or a more creative manner.

Yes, Rush is right about one thing:

Obama is obviously more frightened of me than he is [of Senate Minority Leader] Mitch McConnell (R-Ken.). He’s more frightened of me, than he is of say, [House Minority Leader] John Boehner (R-Ohio), which doesn’t say much about the party,” Limbaugh told his audience in reaction to reports that the President warned GOP Congressional leaders to steer clear of Limbaugh’s message….”

Can this country handle the egos of both Rush Limbaugh and Barack Obama?

John Boehner is also part of the problem.

Kathryn Jean Lopez also shows us part of the problem.  You don’t stick up for bad behavior or stick up for someone, making excuses for how badly they have performed, Bobby Jindal being the perfect example.

Like AJ Strata observes, Sarah Palin is the real star.

“…Her ability to draw is stunning. The VP debate draw was clearly  not dopey Joe. No GOP candidate pulls the attention she does. And she is exciting when she talks and connects with the people. Sarah is the answer to Obama in 2012….”

The problem is the fact that elements are falling for the Mark Sanford do-do.  Neither Sanford, Jindal, nor Crist can even remotely challenge Obama in 2012.

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One thought on “Why Republicans Are Losing – CPAC Perfect Example

  1. The Republican Party and the Conservative movement have become one. In the late 40’s when East Coast Republicans, Conservatives, and Libertarians were brought together, the Conservatives and Liberterians were just happy to have a place at the table. Not any longer.

    Maybe CA State Senator Maldenado’s deal to have open primaries in CA will be the beginning and spread to other states. I write that because having been to the TX Republican Senatorial gatherings, our Party has lost its way. Not even Reagan would be a shoe-in today because the political stridency needed to win any Party position is to the point making Sybok’s trip to the Great Barrier look tame.

    And now the Libertarians under Paul are ascendant. And that is truly scary since this guy appears almost deranged when he goes-off on whatever rant he is on. On the campaign trail, we called Ron Paul “Mr. 3%” because that’s all he could get in the Republican Primaries. One could guess how he would have done on election day.

    The GOP is so fixated on ideology that they are missing the forest for the trees. Conservatives want political purity in the world’s second oldest profession, though, as Reagan once said, it strongly resembles the first.

    Meanwhile, Obama and his never-ending campaign are going to eat-up Republicans in 2010 and then sweep back into the White House in 2012 if the GOP does not get a reality check and start talking to, rather than at, the American people.

    I think that after enough losses to Sanfordesc nut-jobs, people within the Party will have to stand-up and take the extremists, take-on our Party’s Mullahs, sweep them out, relegate them back to the think-tanks they once were corralled in, and start bringing-in candidates who have common sense, who are of, not above, the people. I’m an optimist and believe this will happen. But after watching some of the CPAC nonsense, it could be many years, even a decade.

    Know what’s really depressing? Some are saying that, in place of no Party leader, Rush is the de facto Party head. God help us all.

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