Is Obama a Socialist, Marxist, Leninist, Stalinist, or….Something Else?


My previous post is a little “out there” but I’m worried about the state of our nation and the Obama Administration’s end-run around the Constitution.

I’m also worried about  how the heck he is going to pay for everything.

I have a theory.

Please don’t laugh.

There is one way Barack Obama can spend all he wants and come out smelling like Queen Anne’s Lace.

I have theorized that Barack Obama is basically a creature belonging to George Soros the same way MoveOn and the Huff Post “belong” to him.

Please follow the bouncing ball.

George Soros has a very serious goal in mind for the US.  He wants to legalize all narcotics.  He owns the Democratic Party.  We are now dealing with a very serious narco-war brewing in Mexico.

There is only one solution to the problems in Mexico along the border and that is the legalization of narcotics, no matter what you think about it.

If Barack Obama and his willing Democratic minions were to legalize and TAX narcotics that were previously illegal, he could bring billions upon billions of dollars into the IRS.

Don’t laugh.