More on the Dem’s Kill the Elderly Plans


Today is my mother’s birthday.  She will be 79!  Most of my regular Pink Flamingo readers probably know by now that she is suffering from a very serious cardiac condition, and nearly died 4 years ago.  She is also dealing with Fibromyalgia and dealing with 25% bone density.   She is in constant pain. She is also terrified that, if the Dems have their way with socialized medicine, she will simply be given the right to die.

My father will be 85.  He is a diabetic and has high blood pressure.  Will he be allowed to survive?

I don’t know how I will react if the worst happens and my parents are denied medical treatment or life-saving medication because of Democratic greed and corruption.  It will not be pretty.  I will never be quiet.  My wrath will probably end up splitting my family apart when I finish “dealing” with relatives who voted for Obama.

My mother and I had this discussion on Saturday.  She reminded me that I am a Christian and I’d better not scream and yell at my relatives.  I would never do that, but I will probably remind them of their role in the death of my parents.  Knowing me it will be done at a point where the comment will be a massive psychological blow.  I pray I will be more Christian and simply let the stupid idiots who voted for this murderous &^% deal with their own conscience.

This said, Christ never told us to be door-mats.  I seem to remember the story about the temple and the money-changers and His wrath.  By the time I am through with a few Democrats, my choice would be for a few seats to change parties – and a few Democrats to simmer in their own personal psychological hell.

The problem is we are dealing with Democrats.  How many of them actually have a conscience?

One of the “best” kept secrets of the whole stimulus pork plan is the Kill the Elderly Bill better envisioned as socialized medicine.  The worst part about all of this is the fact that the average person has no idea what just happened to them. They disapprove of the whole process of socialized medicine and are furious when they learn what is going on with it.  But – they are basically ignorant as to the details – which is how the unholy trio of Obama, Pelosi, and Reid managed to destroy a major American industry and doom millions of people to needless pain suffering, and death.

But – that’s what Democrats are all about – the culture of death.

“…National and California-based eldercare advocates will hold a Friday, February 27, 9:00 am PST (12:00 noon EST) media teleconference to detail how the Obama budget blueprint will cut Medicare – jeopardizing quality senior care and weaken major drivers of economic activity.

Bruce Yarwood, President and CEO of the American Health Care Association (AHCA), will broadly detail the long term care profession’s reaction to the FY 2010 budget outline, how proposed Medicare cuts will jeopardize quality health care for our nation’s seniors, and how cuts will weaken this economic sector. Data will be released that illustrates how the long term care sector is a major driver of economic activity as it directly employs nearly 3 million individuals, generates $56.1 billion in tax revenue annually, and indirectly contributes $371.9 billion to the U.S. economy every year.

James Gomez, President and CEO of California Association of Health Facilities (CAHF), will discuss how California seniors and providers will be impacted by the Obama budget. He will outline specifically how the recently-passed economic stimulus bill and its new Medicaid spending for states to help bolster long term care could be undermined by federal Medicare cuts and comment on economic activity data specific to California’s long term care sector….”

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