Why Is It So Wrong to Want Obama’s Socialism to Fail?


Deepen, exacerbate existing problems, crises, differences, and if they don’t exist, create them or convincingly claim that they exist, and then deepen, exacerbate them…and profit [politically, ideologically and even financially] the most from them in any way you can, and, in the resulting chaos, blame our enemies for the whole thing.” – Vladimir Ilich Ulianov

I want Barack Obama’s version of Socialism to fail.  I want his collusion with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to be a disaster. I do not want my country to fall into some sort of progressive socialism where it is politically incorrect to call a terrorist a terrorist, and thumb your nose at the opposition.

I really don’t want to be forced to rub noses with our friendly neighborhood practitioner of Shariah, and be forced to like it. It’s called political correctness on acid.  Not wanting to protect the finest nation the world has ever known, and the most remarkable way of life humanity has ever experienced is not wrong. It is called P – A – T – R – I – O – T – I – S – M.

The remarkable irony here is liberals who wanted the War in Iraq to end, wanted our troops to be pulled out of Iraq immediately were considered patriots.  They were considered “right”.  They were admired, supported and feted.  It was considered vogue to criticize the War and GWB.

Turnabout is fair play, right?
What goes round comes round?
What’s good for the goose….etc.

Do you really want socialized medicine and the rationing of health care that goes with it?  Doesn’t anyone in the Democratic Party besides Robert Byrd care about the fact that Barack Obama is trampling the Constitution the way Sherman marched through Georgia?

When will it be acceptable for us to say that Barack Obama is promoting Marxist-Leninism?

When does it turn into Stalinism and the slaughter of millions of innocent souls for the good of the state?

You’re darn right I want him to fail. If not, I’m afraid I’m going to go the way of one of those millions in Stalinist USSR, because I’m going to fight the destruction of the Republic I so adore any way I can.

The other day my mother told me she was worried about me constantly writing against Obama.  I told her not to worry, I would have plenty of company in his concentration camps, alongside people I know who are against what he and his willing minions in the House, Senate and MSM are doing.

It’s okay.  Some very good books get written in gulags.

With luck we will have one last chance to stop them – the 2010 mid-terms.  Conservatives within the GOP and the Losertarians had best get their act together and behave like adults, or they are going to once again sell us out, and basically destroy our country.

You see – I blame conservatives for this mess we are in just as much as I blame liberals – maybe a little more.  If they had not been so damned determined to “Teach the GOP a lesson” in 2006, we wouldn’t be in this miss.  I blame the 20% of conservatives who voted for Barack Obama in November, many of them once again “Teaching the GOP a lesson.”

It’s a fine mess they’ve managed to get us into – and they’d better GROW UP and become patriots and not ideological brain dead morons who are just as stupidly led as Obama supporters.  If not, our nation is doomed.

It’s like this:

Give me liberty or give me death.
I have not begun to fight.
No taxation without representation.

I am not among those easily led – by either Barack Obama or Rush Limbaugh.  I a STILL a free American and plan on remaining one.

Once upon a time it was considered “Vogue” to protest against a POTUS.  I guess that’s acceptable only if you are a liberal trying to protest or complain about a Republican POTUS.  Republicans don’t have that right.

It’s called “Progressive”.

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