STUPID Male P***ing Contest Between Limbaugh & Steel


It is time for Conservatives, Rush Limbaugh, and Michael Steele to  shut up, behave themselves, and get back to the job of helping us defeat Barack Obama’s socialism. If they don’t grow up and act like adults, we’re going to lose not only 201o, but the heart and soul of our country.  If they cannot behave like adults, then they all need to step aside and let cooler, FEMALE minds prevail.

Would someone please explain to me just what is going on between Michael Steele of the RNC and Rush Limbaugh of the EIB?

Yea, I know what it is.

We are being treated to typical male pissing, spitting, farting, grunting, and scratching contest to prove just who is the testosterone primate in the conservative zoo.  The two are currently bouncing around a campfire throwing sand in one another’s face and having a belching contest.

It’s a guy thing.

It’s the Big Boys Club.

Maybe it’s time for the Big Boys Club to turn off the lights, and close the doors.  They’re so busy acting like Big Boys who are learning to be potty trained, that they’ve forgotten how to act like adults.

I think it is time to let the women step in and lead.  We’re all grown up and know now to act like adults.


The worst thing Rush Limbaugh has done to the GOP and to Ronald Reagan is to damn the Ghost of Ronald Reagan into something like the Flying Dutchman – Der fliegende Reagänder.

Conservatives are so busy worshiping at the altar of Reagan that they cannot even see the potential in others.  They have created this false, golden image of Reagan, like the legendary Golden Calf.  They bow down, their eyes hidden from reality.

They are worshiping a version of “conservative” that never really existed. They are demanding our elected officials live up to their standards, which are impossible to maintain.

Sometimes I think they are doing this on purpose.


Tim Crawford, who was the treasurer for Palin PAC was forced out as Treasurer of the RNC. Is there a reason?  Why does Steele not want him in the RNC?

I’ve been a Michael Steele fan, but I find the possibility that he might not be as supportive of Sarah Palin as I want him to be just a little alarming.


My greatest complaint about Rush Limbaugh is his requirement that a person be  100% conservative pure – and be HIS version of pure.  Rush Limbaugh had a magnificent speech at CPAC.  I agree with it. BUT – I think he needs to step back and get a grip and deal with the fact that, in order to win elections, it takes more than far right conservatives.

It takes 80%ers.

Ronald Reagan once said that if you agree with him and vote with him 80% of the time, you were on his side.

Too bad Rush and his bunch of conservatives did not read that quote.

If you don’t agree with Limbaugh’s version of conservative,  a candidate and office holder is treated like dirt, made fun of, and held up to nasty harassment and ridicule.  It is one thing to make fun of Democrats, but you don’t try and destroy good Republicans, even if they don’t kiss the ground you walk on.


The thought that Michelle Malkin should find comparisons to the GOP and Nazis to be alarming is a joke.  If anyone should squirm, it should be Malkin, the twit who wrote the book on why Internment was good for the Japanese during WWII.  Psst – Malkin still writes for VDare, which has direct ties to the former head of the National Socialist Party. (NOTE to Michelle – go look in the mirror).

Frankly I’m tired of the likes of Rush Limbaugh and even worse, Michelle Malkin, doing everything possible to destroy people they do not like and who do not fit their narrow little version of what Ronald Reagan would want a conservative to be.  I have news for Malkin, Reagan would give she and her nasty little friends the boot.

It’s like the stupid exchange between Ann Coulter and Glenn Beck, who increasingly needs a time out.  Coulter claims to be GOP, so I give her a pass.  Beck is a Losertarian.  He has NO RIGHT to criticize the GOP.  He’s an idiot Losertarian who is increasingly sounding like some hysterical little old lady.


Everyone is talking about this tonight.  I think the Ace of Spades has the best commentary on the subject, along with AJ Strata (as usual).

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