The New American Pastime – Smearing Sarah Palin


The Obama Administration is into rewarding people who denigrate good Republicans like Sarah Palin.  On Wednesday evening, Bill O’Reilly said that Sarah Palin had been rendered ineffective by the Left’s attacks on her.  Funny way of putting it, but then again, O’Reilly is still feelin’ that Obama Tingle as he struggles to come to grips with the fact that The One (anointed) is the worst thing since Jimmy Carter.

John Ziegler has it right:  He told a CPAC audience that any conservative who criticizes Sarah Palin should be:

“...ZIEGLER: And I’ve got to say a few words about the Right in this situation too because sometimes we get what we deserve on this issue because we are oftentimes a lot of cowards. We don’t stand up for our own, we don’t stand up for what we believe, we allow ourselves to be tortured in the news media and a lot of us end up selling out to the other side for a guest spot on Meet The Press or Larry King Live because they know that a conservative saying something bad about another conservative is automatically going to be newsworthy and get them a higher profile. Well, those people ought to be ostracized and punished….”

Psst – Did you know supporters of Sarah Palin said Bobby Jindal was a Muslim?

“…What’s surprising is that some of the comments appear to be from pro-Sarah Palin conservatives. They’re a likely preview of what a Jindal primary faceoff with Palin or another Christian conservative might look like, with both vying for conservative Christian support….

…Wow, what an absurd and head spinning assessment born of just two posters! So, because two anti-Jindal nuts appeared on his earlier post, now Gilgoff thinks there are hoards of Palin supporters out to attack Bobby Jindal as a “secret Muslim”?? Is this guy kidding? Worse, Gilgoff wants to lay this racist attack at the feet of Palin’s supporters when only one of the two nuts even identified with Palin. So, one Palin supporter is enough for Gilgoff to decide that all sorts of Palin supporters will attack Jindal over secret Muslim beliefs….”


“…But anyway, just had a chuckle over Jindal’s performance the other night. Because it was frequently stated that Jindal was the rising star of the Republicans. If McCain had chosen him, the logic went, it would have brought fresh blood and confidence into the party. Uh, well, think again. Looks like if we’d had a McCain-Jindal ticket, there would have been a run on No-Doze and a noticeable spike in basement meth labs across the country. Nope, Sarah kicks Jindal’s ass. She has a bit of regrooving to do, but then again, Obama couldn’t even win a House seat in 2000. But let’s see, Jindal was already in Iowa back in November, so he’s been actively running for President longer than Palin’s whole campaign, and she gave a much better speech to a national audience after 3 days of preparation, in both style and substance. Any other challengers out there? Vitter? McConnell? Gregg?…”


Conservatives like Rush Limbaugh who are apologizing and standing up for Bobby Jindal’s deplorable outing last night are the ones who are causing the GOP to lose. When are they going to have the intellectual honesty to admit that a member of their little conservative club screwed up and failed?

John Boehner is also part of the problem.

Like AJ Strata observes, Sarah Palin is the real star.

“…Her ability to draw is stunning. The VP debate draw was clearly not dopey Joe. No GOP candidate pulls the attention she does. And she is exciting when she talks and connects with the people. Sarah is the answer to Obama in 2012….”

The problem is the fact that elements are falling for the Mark Sanford do-do. Neither Sanford, Jindal, nor Crist can even remotely challenge Obama in 2012.

From the WPost:

“…Some have compared Jindal to Obama, but the new president has always been more attracted to platitudes than to policy. Rush Limbaugh has anointed Jindal “the next Ronald Reagan.” But Reagan enjoyed painting on a large ideological canvas. In person, Jindal’s manner more closely resembles another recent president: Bill Clinton. Like Clinton (a fellow Rhodes scholar), Jindal has the ability to overwhelm any topic with facts and thoughtful arguments — displaying a mastery of detail that encourages confidence. Both speak of complex policy issues with the world-changing intensity of a late-night dorm room discussion….”


At CPAC, as usual, Mitt Romney won the straw poll.  Big fat hairy deal – he “usually” does.  That’s because he’s organized.  His  (paid) supporters are, by all accounts, jerks, who will do just about anything to trash the “enemy” – i. e. Sarah Palin.


“…Ziegler’s documentary is the purest distillation of this outrage. The long interview with Palin is a complement to footage of Obama voters incorrectly answering questions about their candidate and correctly answering questions about Palin and Republicans. The thesis, as Ziegler explained at the screening and as he’s explained elsewhere, is that liberal media bias turned a Republican star into a joke by lying and manipulating the public.
“The worst mistake the McCain campaign made,” said Ziegler, “was not making sure that every interview Sarah Palin did was live. Having her do taped interviews was the worst mistake. It gave the enemy the opportunity to edit her words, and it let them ask questions they wouldn’t have dared ask her on live TV, because if she got them right they’d look like morons.” The campaign should have booked Palin on Larry King Live. “Larry would have been slobbering over himself, as usual, but with a beautiful woman in front of him he would have been helpless. And she would have looked spectacular.”
The Sarah Palin who appears in Media Malpractice is a rorshach test. To reporters who had seen clips and talked to the filmmaker, the governor wallows in the lost campaign and comes off looking sore. To Ziegler, and to the people who watched the screening, she is a likeable, real person who’d be within her rights to hold grudges against those who destroyed her image.
“I saw that Katie Couric interview when it aired,” one man told Ziegler. “I had to turn it off… it was causing bile to rise up in my throat.”
In the film, Ziegler argues that Couric was unfair to Palin in the series of interviews she held with the governor during the campaign by “taking off the table” Roe vs. Wade and asking Palin to name another Supreme Court decision. In the Q&A Ziegler pondered what it meant that Joe Biden, given the same question, had handled it more adroitly. “Joe Biden had so many other gaffes in the campaign that he could have said anything and it wouldn’t have mattered.”
As this argument goes, no candidate could have fared better than Palin. Any conservative who runs for high office will be pummeled by a liberal press that loads its questions. In the Palin interview, Zeigler explains that the media’s questions are so slanted that conservatives must think through every trap and every trick, and even that little pause can make them look ill-informed….”

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