Remember When the US Had A GREAT President?


Once Upon a Time….

Just a few short weeks ago the United States of America had a real President, who knew how to act, govern, and how to take a hit and never be petty and vindictive. We had a gentle, kind, honorable and decent man in office – a person who cherished life.

Life is Precious
Life is Precious

Right now it is quite popular for certain conservatives to bash Bush.  I’m furious.

“…It is now highly fashionable for Republican thought leaders to throw George W. Bush under the bus. I didn’t work in the White House, and nobody will ever confuse me with a “Bushie.” But in my view, our 43rd president took enough arrows from the left. He shouldn’t have to take so many from the right.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, in a recent speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference, summed up the right’s newfound disgust with all things Bush: “There is a Bush-Obama continuity in economic policy, which is, frankly, a disaster for this country and cannot work.”

Newt’s comments were purposefully provocative and perfectly wrong.

There is no continuity between George W. Bush and Barack Obama. One believes in the free-market system; the other deeply distrusts it. One loved the investment class; the other has shown deep disdain for it. One pushed against domestic spending, the other pushes for it. One pushed to boost defense and intelligence spending; the other will seek to slash it. …”


3 thoughts on “Remember When the US Had A GREAT President?

  1. Cindy, there is only continuity in blaming Bush. David Fraun told Hewitt’s listeners the truth: the economy and the war and everything else will be Bush’s until it starts to get better, THEN Obama will own them.

    And both conservatives/aka Libertarians and Liberals will continue to bash Bush–and get away with it, UNTIL America is attacked again.

    Then all bets are off–

  2. I don’t even bristle anymore. But I do note & file every single asshole who betrays W. Especially now when it’s the easiest to throw around the insults. Bush bashing for sport was Rush Limbaugh’s fatal flaw for me and he has never regained my confidence or respect.

    Here’s what I’d like to say to Newt which is about as productive as his self serving babble: Newtie, you need to take that wife of yours and get her retro-fitted. Have someone chisel off the burnt helmet hair, pull the stick out of her panties, and stop trying to look like she’s really NOT your eldest daughter. There.

  3. From my Townhall blog:

    A question being asked is when does Obama own the economy? When the state of the nation becomes HIS fault?

    An former writer for National Review Online hit it right on the nail:

    Actually, it will be Bush’s fault until the economy get’s better, THEN it will be Obama’s “fault”.

    The same type of “real” conservative logic applies here: “Amnesty”, “big spending”, “high deficits” are the sins of Bush not Reagan who had REAL amnesty, hugh spending, and high deficits but remains the only TRUE conservative.

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