A Really Cool Only in New Mexico – Testing Orion


At the top of my list of why I like living in New Mexico is the fact that sometimes really cool things happen.  Lesley at Land of Enchantment has come up with some great news – right in my back yard!

“…NASA engineers have completed work on a 92-acre launch complex that will serve as the test site for abort flight tests of the Orion crew exploration vehicle. That is the spacecraft that is planned to take astronauts back to the moon. The complex at White Sands Missile Range will allow NASA to test the system that will pull the vehicle’s crew to safety if there’s an emergency on the launch pad or during the opening minutes of flight. Personnel from the missile range will provide support services, including logistics, infrastructure, data collection, operations and management during each simulated launch. The site includes a launch pad, ground support equipment and an assembly building…”

Speaking of cool, if you happen to see someone you think is Danzel hangin’ out around Lincoln County these next few weeks, well it is.  He’s making a movie here.

Now, to line up press passes to some of the Orion testing.