How to “Lose” Like a GrownUp & Go On With Your Life


I’m loving those Twitter moments – aren’t you?  The more I read John McCain’s Twitter list of Earmarks the angrier I become.

Remember the stories about Al Gore?  He gained some weight, grew a beard, and decided to save the planet, after he sulked for about six months.  Why?  George Bush Stole the election from him.

There are infamous stories about how POTUS candidates behave when they’ve lost.  John McCain is once again re-writing the book on how to behave like a grown-up and get on with your life.  But then, John McCain is a grown up and knows how to get on with his life.

John McCain has other things to do.

John McCain is a true Patriot.

He has taught us how to lose like a grown-up then end up winning.

Instead of sulking, he’s rolled up his sleeves and has gone back to work.

“…At a White House summit meeting last week on fiscal responsibility, Mr. McCain seized the moment to chide Mr. Obama on cost overruns for a new fleet of presidential helicopters.

But on many days, Mr. McCain seems to have put his defeat behind him, and even to be enjoying himself, as he writes a new chapter in his unusual career. He has joked that he cares less about presidential helicopters than he did a few months ago.

Asked how he felt after two months back, Mr. McCain said: “It’s terrible. It’s awful. I am in a constant state of despondency. Can’t you tell?” There was a giant smile on his face.

“McCain has decided that he is not going to morph into the role of embittered ex-candidate but to embrace the kind of senior statesman, loyal opponent role,” said Ross K. Baker, a professor of political science at Rutgers.

Professor Baker added, “His support will come at times and places of his choosing.”

After a number of younger Senate colleagues announced that they would retire after this Congress, Mr. McCain held a news conference saying he would run for re-election in 2010.

Already, Mr. Obama has reached out for his support on national security matters and on some trade issues. (Out of respect, the requests come in calls from Mr. Obama himself.)

“I think he is enjoying helping where he can, saying no where he must,” said Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina, who was often at Mr. McCain’s side during the campaign.

“I think John’s respectful of the fact that he lost, President Obama won, but he is also a United States senator,” Mr. Graham added. “John’s going to call them as he sees them. There will be no better ally for President Obama than Senator McCain when they can find common ground, and, quite frankly, there will be no stronger or more credible critic. That’s the role he enjoys and the burden he carries.”…”

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