Shooting the Messenger for Telling the Truth


I have a new article up at Blog Critics.  Because I’ve posted it as an “exclusive” I can’t reproduce it here, but I’m going to do a little copy/paste.  The reason I’m noting this is to point out the abject filth that has been thrown at me in their comment section.  I’m talking PURE FILTH and some very foul, abusive language, so please read it away from the kids.

I think it has proved my point.

“..I owe Ann Coulter a public apology. For the past couple of years I’ve been saying she’s a little too over the top; snarky, nasty, and downright mean to liberals and Democrats. Guess what? She’s right. You can’t be nice to them. We’ve tried that. Liberals and Democrats (the same thing) take anything nice and decent a person does and twist and turn it into something perverse, filthy and downright ugly….I am what you call a normal (shut up), average Republican who’s not too conservative and not really moderate. Contrary to all the vile things you precious little liberals have said over the past couple of years, I’m basically a nice person. I don’t deliberately go around hurting people and saying nasty things about people. For the past eight years I’ve put up with all the vile, ugly, deceitful, prevaricating, filthy, perverse, and completely false things liberals and Democrats have said about George W. Bush….As far as I’m concerned, all that’s in the past. This is one “average” Republican who is going to start fighting back and will no longer take prisoners. It’s over. It’s done. Stick a fork in it. I’m fighting back. And I hope my fellow Republicans and conservatives will join me.

I want Barack Obama to fail. I want his socialist policies to fail. As far as I’m concerned, he’s an international embarrassment the scale of which this country has ever known. As far as I’m concerned, any idiot who voted for him should have their head examined and forever lose their right to vote until they can pass some sort of sanity test.

I know, I know — there ain’t no Sanity Claus.

You liberals should know a good “Marxism” when you see one. Wait, I forgot, liberals and Democrats don’t have a sense of humor unless they’re denigrating a good Republican. Gotta love that Tina Fey, right? (Wrong!)

Now, before you start crying the crocodile tears of the good liberal, remember when? Remember all the nasty things you said about George W. Bush? In fact, way back on the 9th of August, 2006 51% of all you adorable little liberal Democrats said you wanted George W. Bush to fail.

I wonder if you understand the Queen’s English, or are you as busy insulting our closest ally as was that pathetic imitation of a President? Half of all Democrats wanted George W. Bush to fail. Deal with it. Don’t get too hot and bothered, I will bet my toy poodle, Ronald Rumsfeld Reagan Reidhead that you were part of that 51%….”

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7 thoughts on “Shooting the Messenger for Telling the Truth

  1. Contra the mantra (I just had to type it that way, you know :-)) of many nowadays, I do not want “President” Obama to fail… I just have a much different concept to his of what would constitute a successful presidency. *heh*

    Oops. Did I just use “scare quotes” *heh* around “president” when pairing it with the name of The One? ;-)

  2. *heh* Just went and read and commented on your BC post. Came down on leftists and rightists… and a lot of folks in between as well (as I typically do).

    But, you call that a RANT? :-)

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