Sherrill Milnes as Jack Rance


Once in awhile you can have your opera and wild west too.  This is one of those instances.  From the Met’s La Fanciulla Del West with my favorite baritone (sigh).  Yep, Wyatt Earp had a very deep voice.  He was probably a base, but I see him as a baritone.  (It’s an opera thing)

La Fanciulla Del West


6 thoughts on “Sherrill Milnes as Jack Rance

  1. I just stumbled onto your site and rummaged in your archive. I’m commenting late here and hope you see this because I have to say I may be the only human who could be a BIGGER Sherrill Milnes fan than you are. I fell over his voice as a kid and once you do that, you NEVER EVER EVER get over that sound. Sherrill Milnes was –and still IS–the hottest hunk of heat that ever heated up enough to get hot! If James Arness as Marshall Dillon in Gunsmoke had sung his role, it would have sounded just like Sherrill Milnes. When I watch La Fanciulla, which I do periodically, I just bark at the screen. Love that opera and love the Big Man in it. He was back here in his hometown (North Central College just outside Downer’s Grove) a few months ago conducting “Elijah”–AND HE IS STILL HOT! HOT! HOT!

  2. Did Sherrill Milnes ever spit on you? He did me – I was sitting on the front row, recital at the Fox in Atlanta. I was center front. Incredible!

    I would have loved to see someone do an opera about Wyatt Earp. He was born to play Wyatt.

    You cannot possibly be a bigger fan than I am.

    I downloaded Thais on iTunes, loaded it into my iPod the day I was trying to get the repair guys to put in my new air conditioning unit. It was a Friday, and I’d been without air for about 2 weeks. I put the iPod on my Bose and turned it on full blast. You’ve never seen two guys get an entire heat pump installed so fast! They were literally running up and down the stairs.

    I do miss my Don Giovanni! He turned me into a total jerk when it comes to baritones.

    He reminds me of Darth Vadar when he conducts!


  3. @SJ Reidhead:
    Okay, I can argue the point, but I am at least AS BIG a fan if not bigger. No, he didn’t spit on me, but I would have paid him to do it!!!! I actually hate you, hate you, hate you for having his DNA land on you. The man is THE MAN. There are people for whom it is de rigeur to denigrate Sherrill Milnes (and they’re all over the internet), but I would give any amount of money to hear him on the stage today–at the age of 74–instead of all these tin-voiced whannies trying to sing Verdi and Puccini these days! Thomas Hampson and his fake hair? PLEASE, I wanna jump off the Sears Tower! (I see his lips moving but I don’t hear anything–is somebody singing?) It’s become fashionable to cast bass-baritones (?!) in the roles of Scarpia and Iago ever since Vladimir Chernov blew his voice out just so they’ll be heard, but I cannot take the barking and roaring and woofing that results. There is no successor. THERE IS NO SUCCESSOR. The line ended at the edge of a cliff with Sherrill Milnes. (I like some of what Bryn Terfel does, but I cannot deal with watching him sing out of the side of his mouth another minute.) Dmitri Hvorostovsky? Nice sound, but his gasping and breathing is louder than his singing!!!!!! Bring back the Marlboro Man!

  4. That’s my problem – I’m such a baritone snob now.

    My favorite recording is Tosca, with Leontyne, Placi, and Milnes. I still don’t understand why Tosca simply lets ’em shoot Calvaradosi and keep Scarpia.

    There is no great baritone now.


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