Attack of the Tolerant Liberal


You gotta love ’em.  If there was ever a bunch of self-serving, superior, highly evolved, smug, perfect liberals who think we Christians, and Republicans are dangerous, mentally diseased, and should not be allowed to even say what we think about things.

It is called diversity.

If I’d not heard Bill O’Reilly catalog attacks from the Left, I would not believe this is what they actually do.

The whole idea is to keep Republicans from speaking their minds.  Are we going to be bullied to the point where we quit, or are we going to stand up against them?

So, here is part II of my Blog Critics piece:

“…Once, when we lived in a more graceful and enlightened age, both sarcasm and satire were recognized as acceptable tools of political discourse. Of course that was during a day when differing political parties were, though vicious at times, tolerant of one another’s viewpoint.

Today’s abject blanket of silence placed on anyone of a conservative or Republican voice is something new, and rather terrifying. If only one party is allowed to speak, we will become a dictatorship.

Liberals and Democrats need to comprehend the fact that we Republicans and conservatives have just as much right as do they to speak our mind, and not be subjected to the vile harassment that has been heaped upon us for the past 8 years.

This lack of tolerance also appears to be indicative of a culture where the less enlightened individual personalizes national political discourse to the point where they cannot separate their personality from that of the “great” leader….To put it succinctly, Hope & Change has turned previously moderate intellects into something a bit different in the American culture. It has turned them into the “masses” where they have surrendered their individual capacity for contemplative thought and the ability to separate the idea, be it good or bad, from the leader, be he or she good or bad, or simply incompetent.

This is the United States of America, built by the individuals who recognized one of the most important aspects of freedom is the Freedom of Speech. Freedom of Speech is a two-fold thing. A person should have the right to speak freely, and not be demonized for their ideas. A person should have the right to descent and critic those ideas. But – they do not have the right to use that freedom to destroy, lie, and harass to the point where those of a differing opinion are simply too terrified, or exhausted to even express a differing opinion.

Once upon a time (about 10 years ago) Americans of all ilks, could express their ideas and not be subjected to the type of attacks the political “left” practices today. People were able to run for office, and not be turned into a laughing-stock by one group or another the way the liberals endeavored to destroy Sarah Palin. If we Republicans were to attempt the same thing with Barack Obama, we would be castigated as evil racists. There is such a double standard now, even within the main-stream-media, that good, decent, honorable men and women who would previously have run for office as Republicans, are now refusing to do so.

If you do not thing this is true, Sarah Palin is the perfect example. Frankly, Democrats should be ashamed of the way she was treated. There was nothing honorable or decent about it. She was demonized simply because she presented (and still does) a viable alternative to Barack Obama and is, in fact, the Democrats worst nightmare.

The comments left on Part I of my article literally prove my point about liberal, Democratic “discourse” against any one who opposes them….”

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