Obama, Reagan, Abortion, Stem Cells, and Michelle’s Well-Toned Arms


My agitation was annoying even me.

The more I watched O’Reilly, the angrier I became.

Rumsfeld would not shut up. He has been barking all day. Some idiot time-share twerp has brought his dogs over from Texas with him and let them go. We have a leash requirement in the condos where I live because so many of us have little guys. Naturally Rumsfeld was running from window to window barking at them. They were nice dogs, but that’s not the point. If I were out walking Rums, he would try a kamakazi run on them. (That’s why we use piddle pads).

About this time I hear the little tidbit that Nancy Pelosi is in league with the Service Employee’s Union (the ones who put Obama over the top in Nevada) and with George Soros. If O’Reilly would get over his Obama Tingle, he would realize we’ve been sold out in a moment of treachery that ranks with the great treasons in history. Barack Obama has basically played Brutus to America’s Julius Caesar, stabbing us in the back.

Rumsfeld, all 7 pounds of fluff and energy was bouncing off the walls, barking at the visiting dogs.

I have been enraged all day over the fact that those who have medical careers are going to be forced to participate in murder, even if they object. From what I gather, morality makes no difference to The One (anointed), but then the Mrs. enabled Patient Dumping when she was doing the hospital thing.

At the same time I began reading Mary L. Davenport’s American Thinker piece about the fact that the real targets of ‘let’s kill people’ is my generation of Baby Boomers. Stupid me, I lived in a fool’s paradise where I expected to live well beyond 100 (genetics point to it). Now, though, the first time I get sick, I gather Obama-Care is basically going to kill me. If you are a Baby Boomer, you’re next.

On the day of the election, I called a friend and told her that a dark, evil, and demonic force has been unleased in this country.  I did not know what it was, I only knew something evil was engulfing us.

Ronald Reagan’s shining city on the hill has been replaced with a dark, black, malevolent evil that is intent on destroying the good that is America. It is sucking hope, light, and happiness out of us like a lurking vampire.

Ronald Reagan kept telling us we were good.  He loved America.  He kept telling us that we were better than we thought we were.  America, to Reagan, is a shining city on a hill, full of good and glorious people, brimming with good. He was light.

Barack Obama keeps telling us we are not as good as we think we are.  According to The One (Incompetent) we are not all that.  We need to get over ourselves as a nation.  He feels like America is not the Greatest (with apologies to Muhammad Ali). We need to get a grip, deal with it, and lower our expectations of ourselves and our place in the world.  His opinion of America is rather dark.

Last summer The One (Incompetent) started telling his brain-dead followers that it was not good for Americans to spend so much money.  He told people they needed to stop shopping and start saving.  He made fun of George W. Bush, who, after 9/11 told the American people to get out there and shop, shop, shop.  The Bush theory – shopping is patriotic!  The Obama theory – quit shopping.

America is a consumer nation.

We do very little manufacturing.

We do a lot of service industry things.  We have a service culture.  I am now hearing that the “average” American is not in all that bad shape, they’ve just stopped shopping, spending, dining, and doing things.

The “Average” American listened to Barack Obama.  When they did, hundreds of thousands of people in the service industries have lost their jobs, just so The One (Incompetent) can pontificate and tell “us” not to spend things while he and the Mrs. life the life of Marie A. & Louis 16 tried before losing their heads.