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Thank you for proving my theory.  This has been most entertaining and very enlightening.  The way the “liberal” mind works never fails to fascinate me.  It is 50% “Truth”, 45% “Emotion” and 5% “Fact” (and in provable).  Rather than spend a little time digging into my other writings on Blog Critics or checking out my blog The Pink Flamingo (shameless plug), you simply delve into ad hominem attacks, based on pure emotion and your version of the “truth”.

Part I

Part II

Part III

Several years ago, while working on a book dealing with the prevarications of legendary writer, Frank Waters, I discovered there is a difference between provable documented fact and the truth.  Documented fact, with footnotes is documented fact.  The truth is something that can be molded, melded, re-arranged, and packaged according to one’s personal views.  I don’t deal in the “Truth” I use documented “Fact”.

Since most of my detractors know nothing about me, let me enlighten you a little.  I’ve spent the past 4 years investigating conservative sourcing and the roots of the anti-immigration movement.  You will rarely see me use a “conservative” source for my work because I don’t like their sourcing.  The average conservative non-profit group, including the Heritage Foundation has funding roots that include cult leader Sun Myung Moon.  He and his organization are two of the major puppet masters within the “conservative movement” with ties to more than a few leading “Christian Conservative” groups.  The other source of funding comes from John Tanton’s anti-immigration machine.  Tanton’s funding basis includes a major start up grant from the Pioneer Fund.  One of the Pioneer Fund’s major early funding sources included real old fashioned, German Nazi money. (This is provable, documented fact). This is the original funding source for most of the anti-immigration movement, which has co-opted the conservative movement and basically destroyed the GOP’s chances within the Hispanic community.

I have been writing about this for 4 years, including here at Blog Critics, but have you bothered to even read my criticisms of conservatives?  Obviously not or the terms “hypocrite” and “true believer” would be dropped. Nothing is farther from PROVABLE FACT. But that would not be very convenient for the liberal mindset and might cause a little squirming.

It is documented, provable fact, complete with a money paper trail that the Huffington Post, Daily Kos, Media Matters, and MoveOn were funded with grant money by wacky billionaire George Soros.  (Sorry guys, but there is a paper trail.  This is not “truth” but documented fact).  Soros has a decidedly anti-American agenda, which is also provable and documented via his own words.  Do a little homework and see for yourself.  He truly detests this nation.  His organizations were designed to promote a Soros based agenda just like the Heritage Foundation reflects Sun Myung Moon’s conservative views and Tanton’s various anti-immigration organizations reflect his original Nazi seed money for studies on eugenics.

You can hyper ventilate and call me all sorts of names and make your pathetic little ad hominem attacks, but what I have related in the previous paragraphs is DOCUMENTED FACT.  I don’t give a damn about the “truth”. As a writer and historical researcher, I am into footnotes and documentation.

As for the coordinated liberal attacks against Republicans, do a little reading beyond Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews.  Expand your horizons.  These attacks, planned in phone conversations between George Stephanopoulos, James Carville, Leon Pinetta, first began on September 10, 2001.  This is DOCUMENTED fact.  They have been assisting the Obama White House, along with Paul Begala, and Rahm Emanuel plan attacks against Rush Limbaugh and various other conservatives.  This too is documented, provable fact, and can be found in the Politico, but I doubt if you bother reading it.

I have found the average attack commenter here at Blog Critics to be pathetically ill-informed on current events.  What they do know they take, spoon fed, from their various liberal sources.  You can’t make a valid decision reading just one side of the story, you need to check out your precious liberal sources and see if they hold up, the way I did the conservative sources and found them sorely wanting in anything remotely resembling provable fact.

The attacks by liberals against Sarah Palin were well planned and coordinated and continue even today.  Oh, no you say, she’s an idiot.  You can prove it.  Go ahead, use your usual sources.  Try going back to sourcing before July, 2008 and see how she was covered.  Then, compare them with the material afterward.  Did this person dramatically change from a competent governor overnight or did something else happen?  Remember, there is a difference between “Truth” and “Fact”.  Also, get a little background into the Katie Couric interview, and see what was left on the cutting floor.  Then, read Sarah Palin’s more recent comments about those interviews.  Also, delve into the story behind the “clothes” and you may find there was more than a little back-stabbing going on in the GOP.  This is documented fact.  (Check out Media Malpractice).

What is the “fact” behind the arrest of Obama appointees Sushil Bansal and Yousaf Acar?   I’m still waiting for the 911 on this one.   What is the provable fact behind the information that the Obama Campaign paid bloggers to harass Republicans and conservatives online, doing exactly what you are doing to me.  Go disprove it – and use viable sourcing, not Democratic sources.

If you were to do a little home-work, you might discover that I am one of the most vocal critics of the right, and the non-GOP conservatives who are up to nothing but mischief when it comes to attacking Republicans who do not meet their increasingly pathetic version of what “conservative” is and isn’t.  I have spent far more time criticizing the right than I have the left, in fact, these three articles, and a few others, are probably some of the few I’ve written about the Left.  I spend most of my time dealing with PROVABLE FACT in conjunction with the far right sources who are determined to basically destroy the Republican Party.

I gather there is nothing wrong with being a “true believer” as long as that person is an irrational liberal or Democrat who is intellectually superior, erudite, and far superior to pathetic little Republicans like me.  That’s fine.  Just try getting your information about history from sources other than revisionist. It might broaden your outlook in life, but I doubt it, I truly doubt it.

As for the current article, I am perfectly aware that there were other roots of the American Revolution, but I am talking about “Free Speech”.

I am also more interested in dealing with conservatives who are trying to destroy the GOP, and exorcize the party of anyone the consider “RINO”. I think it’s a Moonie thing, but I still can’t prove it.   I know you are going to revel in the fact – provable – that Michelle Malkin, one of the worst of the worst when it comes to anti-GOP conservatives, writes for VDARE, which is a vile little publication owned by Peter Brimelow whose twin brother, John, was once the US leader of the National Socialist Party.  (PROVABLE FACT).  Malkin is one of the sources of the worst attacks out there against good, decent Republicans.  Nothing liberals could dream up can match the vile material she has endorsed, and that’s documented, provable fact.

Oh, and there is nothing wrong with being a Christian. To say otherwise simply exposes a pathetically biased attitude.

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