If Bush DID NOT LIE, Why Take the Fall?


From a reputable source:

When our soldiers in Iraq were involved in rounding up the really bad, bad guys, they were also tracking weapons.

They uncovered numerous componants for making WMD, but not the actual WMD.  According to my source, “They knew we were coming and did something with the actual weapons of mass destruction, but did have them, I am positive about this.”

Naturally, my next question was:  “Why did President Bush not admit this, and not take the fall for “not” finding WMD?”

My source has a theory about that. Either they were still looking for the actual weapons, or President Bush knew something very bad and did not want to panic the American People.  Either way, George W. Bush is receiving a tremendous amount of criticism he does not deserve.

One day we will know all, and he will be revealed as the great man he actually is.

I’m just so sick of the “Bush lied” mantra.

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4 thoughts on “If Bush DID NOT LIE, Why Take the Fall?

  1. Bush is a class act; did you hear what he said about not dissing Obama?

    The truly sad part about all of this is that Obama WILL hurt Blacks for a very long time. Do you remember when Vanessa Williams was picked as Miss America because they wanted a “Black” woman to win that title? That’s what happens when TRUE racism rears it’s ugly head. Obama, the no experience, no skill first time senator that never had a real job, was voted POTUS because he was Black. That is the ugly truth. And he is being given a free ride to take this nation down because he is Black. Any White guy would have been taken to task within hours of his first stupidity.

    And when Obama goes down, it will be a long, long time before America takes another chance, even if the guy IS completely worthy.

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