Bigfoot Blood?


The evidence, according to one local “expert” is convincing.

What evidence?

A footprint.

“...Leo Selzer says the photos of very large footprints posted on a website by fellow sasquatch researcher Brian Vike “hardly do justice to what you look at in real life,” but are similar to what he’s come across.
“The measurements coincide, the stride coincides, the general physical appearance of the footprints coincides with other evidence that I have found,” Selzer said.
Vike, who lives in Houston and is also a UFO enthusiast, drove out to Moricetown, about 430 km. west of Prince George, after receiving an e-mail from someone who came across the footprints on Monday morning after strange noises were heard out in the dark the evening before.
Along with taking the photos, Vike collected some samples of blood and hair that he plans to send off for testing….”I’ve had people come to me and say ‘hey, look, I’ve just photographed some tremendous sasquatch footprints, come and take a look at them,’ and they’ve turned out to be very large grizzly bear tracks,” Selzer said.
What’s the difference between a grizzly track and a sasquatch track?
A lack of claw marks is a good first sign it’s not a bear, but Selzer added a sasquatch footprint resembles a small child’s.
“You know how the foot of a four-year-old child is kind of boxy looking and from the big toe to the little toe it doesn’t have as much of a slant as an adult’s? That’s very much what a sasquatch footprint looks like,” Selzer said.
Contrary to popular belief, the size of a sasquatch print can be as little as four to five inches long in the case of the youngsters old enough to walk, although the large males’ are as much as 18 inches and 16 inches in the case of the females….”