Do You Laugh or Do You Cry


Is it abject corruption, power, or an agenda that will propel this nation into something resembling the former Soviet Union.  I was leaning toward the Soviet Union theory until this week’s AIG agenda.  Now, I think we’re dealing with such corruption it will take a century to uncover and unwind the extent of it. I keep thinking the Democrats are destroying themselves as a party.  You hear how the GOP needs to come out and fight.  I’m beginning to think the best thing is just sit back and let the Democrats destroy themselves.  Even the MSM can’t keep shoveling dirt over their barnyard substance.

If you ever wondered who was in charge of the out of control dog and pony Barack/Nancy/Harry show in Washington, I think we have no doubt it is George Soros.  His NASA flunkie, James Hansen is now demanding the over-through of the Democratic process to implement Draconian anti-global warming tactics.  We’re already seeing a turn to the Soros demand for the de-criminalization of illegal substances.

Perhaps the most telling adventure of all is the fact that Jimmy Carter is now welcome at the White House.  Of all the developments of the past few weeks, perhaps this is the most chilling.  Jimmy Carter is now a welcome visitor at the White House.  We’re talking about the same Jimmy Carter who nearly destroyed the nation, the economy, and basically handed Iran – on a silver platter – to the extremists.  The world has never been safe or seccure again.

Jimmy Carter is welcome in the Obama White House – and inflation is on the rise.

Do you laugh or do you cry?

Is Obama serious about the abject destruction of the most incredible nation the world has ever seen or is he that incompetent.  After nearly 2 months in office, we should know the answer to that question.

We don’t.

He is incompetent.

He is determined to destroy the US.

Michelle is an embarassment.

Take Congress, please. (I know it’s an old joke, but so are they).

Has anyone up there, especially the Democrats, read the Constitution?  Have they ever heard of it? Do they even care?

Is it all about power – or something else?  It is possible they’re in the business of destroying the nation to cover their criminal activities of the past?

Where does this end?

Are they seriously trying to destroy the US and turn it into a Marxist nation of censorship, lines, want, no medical care, death, and abject starvation, or are they simply pandering to their big time donors?

Have you heard the one about putting farmers out of business, and basically outlawing growing a tomato or two in your back yard?  Wonder what this is going to do to Michelle’s Organic Garden which will take over the once beautiful White House lawn?  If H.R. 875 passes, introduced by yet another idiot from CT, what the heck is going to happen?

(The idiot co-sponsors)

Rep. Rosa DeLauro [D, CT-3]
Rep. Shelley Berkley [D, NV-1]
Rep. Timothy Bishop [D, NY-1]
Rep. Sanford Bishop [D, GA-2]
Rep. André Carson [D, IN-7]
Rep. Kathy Castor [D, FL-11]
Rep. Joe Courtney [D, CT-2]
Rep. Peter DeFazio [D, OR-4]
Rep. Diana DeGette [D, CO-1]
Rep. Eliot Engel [D, NY-17]
Rep. Anna Eshoo [D, CA-14]
Rep. Sam Farr [D, CA-17]
Rep. Bob Filner [D, CA-51]
Rep. Gabrielle Giffords [D, AZ-8]
Rep. Raul Grijalva [D, AZ-7]
Rep. John Hall [D, NY-19]
Rep. Maurice Hinchey [D, NY-22]
Rep. Mazie Hirono [D, HI-2]
Rep. Eddie Johnson [D, TX-30]
Rep. Marcy Kaptur [D, OH-9]
Rep. Barbara Lee [D, CA-9]
Rep. Nita Lowey [D, NY-18]
Rep. Betty McCollum [D, MN-4]
Rep. James McDermott [D, WA-7]
Rep. James McGovern [D, MA-3]
Rep. Gwen Moore [D, WI-4]
Rep. Christopher Murphy [D, CT-5]
Rep. Jerrold Nadler [D, NY-8]
Rep. Eleanor Norton [D, DC-0]
Rep. Chellie Pingree [D, ME-1]
Rep. Timothy Ryan [D, OH-17]
Rep. Linda Sánchez [D, CA-39]
Rep. Janice Schakowsky [D, IL-9]
Rep. Mark Schauer [D, MI-7]
Rep. Louise Slaughter [D, NY-28]
Rep. Fortney Stark [D, CA-13]
Rep. Betty Sutton [D, OH-13]
Rep. John Tierney [D, MA-6]
Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz [D, FL-20]
Rep. Robert Wexler [D, FL-19]

These people are completely out of control.  This bill is being brought to the floor of the House without comment.  FYI – The dimwit Congresswoman who is proposing this bill has a hubby who is on the payroll of one of the biggest food corporations in the world.

“….Since small farmers probably would not want to work their way through the bureaucratic paperwork maze and risk such stiff fines, you can pretty much kiss goodbye to farmers markets if H.R. 875 passes. And who is sponsoring this legislation? None other than Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro (D) whose husband Stanley Greenberg is CEO of Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research which includes agribusiness giant Monsanto as one of its clients….”

From Australia comes a cautionary tale about web censorship.  Read it and realize this is probably coming to the US if we don’t re-take the House and Senate next year.  The only way we are going to this is to completely kick the far right conservatives in the shins and tell ’em to shut up.  Where’s Tanya Harding when you need her?

Where does it stop?

Do these morons know what they are doing or are they so out of control they are simply trying to get as much as they can while they can?

Getting back to Michelle O’s “own organic garden” evidently the White House has no earthly idea what Nancy Pelosi is doing.  Everything Michelle is proposing will be made illegal of H. R. 875 passes.

“...Sam Kass, an assistant White House chef who prepared healthful meals for the Obama family in Chicago and is an advocate of local food, will oversee the garden. The White House grounds crew and kitchen staff will do most of the work, but other White House staff members have volunteered.

“First of all,” Mrs. Obama said, “there’s nothing really cooler than coming to the White House and harvesting some of the vegetables and being in the kitchen with Cris and Sam and Bill, and cutting and cooking and actually experiencing the joys of your work.”

Mrs. Obama, who said that she never had a vegetable garden before, said the idea for it came from her experiences as a working mother trying to feed her daughters, Malia and Sasha, a good diet. Eating out three times a week, ordering a pizza, having a sandwich for dinner took it’s toll. The children’s pediatrician told her she needed to be thinking about nutrition.

“He raised a flag for us,” she said, and within months the children lost weight.

For children, she said, food is all about taste, and fresh and local taste better.

“A real delicious heirloom tomato is one of the sweetest things that you’ll ever eat,” she said. “And my children know the difference, and that’s how I’ve been able to get them to try different things.

“I wanted to be able to bring what I learned to a broader base of people. And what better way to do it than to plant a vegetable garden in the South Lawn of the White House.”

The country’s one million community gardens, she said, can also play an important role for urban dwellers who have no backyards.

But, sitting in her office in the East Wing, Mrs. Obama stressed that she doesn’t want people to feel guilty if they don’t have the time to have a garden: there are still many small changes they can make.

“You can begin in your own cupboard by eliminating processed food, trying to cook a meal a little more often, trying to incorporate more fruits and vegetables,” she said….”

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  1. America can never be the Soviet Union. Their literacy rate across all the so-called People’s Republics was near 99% or over. On a more serious note, isn’t corruption part of the system? How could it work without it? Here in Britain (America’s mini-me) it gives us such rich material for satire it’s impossible to resist. You can read some of it and get a taste of the Bright Side on my blog!

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