Bill Ayers, the Coward of the County (Cook)


If you present Bill Ayers with a copy of a conservative or libertarian book, you might just end up arrested.  If you question his authority, you could be arrested.  You could be arrested for questioning his liberalism.

Oh, and then he demands police protection – after a previous life of alleged cop killing.

“…in order to inflict maximum injury and death on police officers, is now depending on the police at the University of Illinois, where he is a “distinguished” professor, to protect him from the tough questions of student parents. In fact, one parent who presented Ayers with a Bible and a copy of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged was arrested last Thursday night and charged with the curious offense of somehow interfering with university affairs. A visibly-nervous Ayers accepted the books but quickly placed them down on a table.

Mark Thompson, the parent of the University of Illinois student, is scheduled to be in court on March 18, Wednesday, to face possible charges and be prosecuted for daring to confront Ayers.

Ayers and his wife, Bernardine Dohrn, have been denounced as “murderous cowards” for planting anti-personnel time bombs that killed police when they and members of their Weather Underground Communist terrorist group had safely fled the scene. Now it appears that Ayers is even afraid to engage tough critics in verbal exchanges….While local papers portrayed Thompson as an angry and confrontational man who resisted arrest, he replies, “I never once disrupted the speech. I made a point to let him spew his rhetoric, so I would have the ammunition to rebut him. I only interjected when Q and A time arrived.”

“I confessed that I intended to be arrested,” Thompson says. “But the idea that I resisted arrest is crazy. View the video. If that is resisting or obstructing an officer, wow.  That part is absolutely false.”

Thompson, whose daughter attends one of the University of Illinois campuses, has made it his mission to expose and challenge Ayers. “Only in America can an admitted Anarchist, terrorist bomber, Socialist and communist sympathizer become one of the nation’s foremost educational leaders in curriculum development, from pre-school to post graduate, to teaching teachers,” Thompson says. “Bill Ayers’ influence can’t be overstated, as the vice president of ‘curriculum development’ for the American Educational Research Association, the largest organization of its kind comprising over 25,000 professors and researchers.”

Acree told AIM that Thompson had said that he figured his actions would get him arrested, and that he apologized to the police officers who arrested him later. Still, what did Thompson do that broke the law?

“I wasn’t there,” Acree said, although he did watch the incident on YouTube. “I felt like at that time that Thompson was at the point of interrupting the speaker, who was an invited guest of the university, and was preventing the speaker from speaking.”

But the video seems to show that the meeting was breaking up at that point.

Thompson, a Christian, wanted Ayers to have a copy of the Bible as an expression of concern for his well-being. He also wanted Ayers to take Ayn Rand’s book Atlas Shrugged and give it to his friend, President Barack Obama. He believes the book should also be used in educational classrooms. “That would be the most bang for your tax dollar buck, to educate in the matters of the free market American mindset as well as Socialism’s foundational flaws, as history has proven over and over,” he says…”