Breaking: Iowa & NH Palin 2012 Polling Has Begun!


UPDATED:  AllahPundit must be dealing with a man-crush on Mark Sanford.  He thinks Huckabee and Sanford are the only “Viable” candidates, thus far.  Would someone PLEZE explain the conservative man-crush thingie on Sanford, who is the GOP version of Barack Obama?

The Pink Flamingo is working on a series of articles about the most recent round of Obama inspired attacks on Sarah Palin.  Regular Pink Flamingo readers may remember that the other day, after the Leno incident, I mentioned to Palin supporter, Stephen Maloney, that I thought the “Special Olympics” hit was intentional and aimed at Palin.

Today, after watching the barrage of anti-Palin attacks, I am positive of an Obama based attack on Palin.  After seeing this information, it just proves my point.

Somewhere hidden in the internals of that Public Policy Polling (which is basically a Democratic Hack Attack) are some numbers that the Obama people find absolutely chilling.  They should be afraid, very afraid.  I have a feeling in a few short months, the Secret Service is going to start measuring for drapes in their office near the “Western White House” in Wasilla, Alaska!

The Iowa Independent reports that calls are being made asking the opinion of Sarah Palin! Evidently polling calls are going out in Iowa.  It is also possible that calls are also being made in New Hampshire.

The Mudflats has more:

“…Is our governor wondering if a re-election bid is necessary, or whether she should just go for the book deal -> publicity tour -> big money -> start campaigning for 2012 in 2010 option?  Notice that there was no mention of any other elected office.  No Senate.  No House of Representatives.  Just running for re-election as governor.  Murkowski and Young may be sleeping a little more soundly tonight.

Perhaps the governor is interested in running the state for another four years only if it fits her agenda.  If that’s what it takes to win the love of the Lower 48, well…then…alright.  (heaving gigantic sigh)   But, I mean why bother with Alaska unless you have to, right?

Certainly the GOP Senate leadership has done their level best to make Lisa Murkowski bullet proof in 2010.  It’s possible for Palin to topple Don Young, assuming he is not incarcerated by that time, but the House of Representatives probably seems pretty low-brow for Palin compared to the siren song of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

But, however the scenario plays out, the formation of SarahPAC, and now the robo-polls in Iowa and New Hampshire have made it very clear where this train is headed.

So, let’s take this one step further. Imagine if you will,  a presidential election between Barack Obama going for his second term, vs. Sarah Palin….”

Mudflats links to a highly suspect, heavily weighted Democratic poll that has The One (Incompetent) ahead of Palin by about 20%.  Public Policy Polling is run by STan Greenberg.  Considering where Greenberg’s loyalities lie, Barack Obama is in deep do-do, already yet.