One thought on “Nessum Dorma

  1. *heh*

    I clicked the link while on your front page and… Jose Carrera’s performance came up. Nice. I didn’t care for Vincenza Scalera’s piano work, and Carrera’s voice just is NOT in Placido Domingo’s class. Nice, capable, even beautiful performance in places (except for a note he hung onto the bottom of *sigh*).

    But. Opened the post page and… Placido. Ahhh. He can make me weep, his voice is so wonderful, and it’s an exceptional few (Bryn Terfel’s baritone voice and Districh Fischer-Dieskau’s as well–Terfel’s the quintessential Welsh baritone and Fischer-Dieskau simply THE baritone) that can do that.

    Thank you. A day without beauty is not worth living, and Placido Domingo’s voice certainly qualifies as amazingly beautiful.

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