Part I: The Obama Attack Machine Going After Palin


Last week the Pink Flamingo told you that Barack Obama’s “Special Olympics” remark on Leno was no mistake.  I am now positive I was right.  I get “Google Alerts” on Sarah Palin and a few others.  From the number of items posting to my “inbox” I am absolutely positive we are seeing a new wave of attacks on her.

It’s quite simple.

Sarah Palin is Evil and Must Be Destroyed.

Currently there is so much nasty stuff going on about her, that to document it all is going to take more than one post.  I’m getting a little annoyed, then I step back and realize that the Obama people are trying to denigrate Palin and keep conservative bloggers busy while they destroy the US economy.

Stephen Maloney did a post at Draft Palin 2012, wondering why Obama hates her.

“…When Sarah Palin surfaced on the national scene, Obama sent an army of lawyers to Alaska. Their mission was summed up by one blogger: “Democrats Desperately Trying to Dig Up Dirt to Destroy Palin.” At the same time, Obama and his minions began slinging mud and hurling slurs at Gov. Palin.

Someone recently questioned my claim that Barack Hussein Obama had called Sarah Heath Palin “a pig.” I cite two news outlets below — I could have cited 50 — who believe Obama was referring to Gov. Palin when he made his “you can put lipstick on a pig” comment. (Google: “Barack Obama” + “lipstick on a pig” to see exactly who was the target of his reference.)…”


AOL Political Machine

CNN says a “top ally” says Palin’s decision to turn down stimulus money not political.  At least Laura Ingraham says that Palin’s decision is the only one being used as political fodder by the Dems.

The Wonkette uses Mount Redoubt to make fun of both Palin and Bobby Jindal.  First Draft basically does the same thing.

Huffington Post says she is “flopping” on stimulus.  The Huff Post mentions those huge protests against Palin’s stimulus decision.  DOZENS of protesters showed up.  Note:  I said Dozens, not hundreds, or even thousands.

The Sexist Blogs criticizes her for not taking the stimulus money and harming those poor innocent children.  So does America Blog.

Trolls on Team Sarah:  The Alaska Dispatch is reporting how pathetic little “Amanda” was kicked off Team Sarah.   What they fail to mention is that “Amanda” was an Obama plant.  Palin supporter Ron Devito reports the following:

“…You have this paper, ADN and multiple Obama-supporting blogs to post your hatred of Governor Palin. This hatred — from you and others in the tank for Barack HUSSEIN Obama spews like a steady stream of vomit on on a daily basis in all these venues. Team Sarah and other pro-Sarah sites are not intended for “reporters”to troll then post hateful material. A reporter covers news – a reporter does not interject opinion into the news. Are you a reporter or a columnist? Which is is it? You can’t be both. I have a journalism degree; I was in the field for two years. I know what is going on with the message boards, with the paid bloggers and how the mainstream press is specifically targeting Governor Palin. Journalism is dead — and people like you — are part of the reason why.

I run several blogs documenting the Governor’s accomplishments and “anti-Sarah”material would be shot down faster than a hostile airliner on a September morning on any blog I operate. Freedom of the press belongs to the owner of the press. Team Sarah owns their press; I own mine. If you don’t like it, too bad. No one is stopping you from publishing your hatred here on your turf, on the blogs where your opinionated reporting is welcome, or on a blog of your own — you have the same Internet, we all have — but you are not going to come to any of our houses (that would be our websites) and use them as a means to aid your poison pen against Governor Palin.

Team Sarah was correct in their action. And if you don’t like my opinion, you’re welcome to ban me from here. One way or the other it will be published some place. …”

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