The Pollyanna Glad Game and Democrats


I am glad Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi are turning the economy to do-do and making a horrid mess of things.

Think about it.

They are driving this nation smack dab into a Depression of massive proportions. They have made us a laughing-stock world-wide.  Unfortunately they have opened us up to an incoming deadly terror attack.

There’s a song we once sang in youth choir that contained the following line, “…A piece of bread would buy a bag of gold…”.

I don’t know if things are finally getting to me, or my sense of humor is finally kicking in – at last.  I finally realized we just need to play the Glad Game!  Maybe I’ve simply reached the point where I’m simply going to beat my head against the stucco walls of my condo’s exterior and sing that deplorable song from AnnieThe Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow!

Remember the 1960 Disney classic, Pollyanna with Haley Mills?  Part of the charm of the character was the constant harping on the Glad Game.

It started with the story of the child’s missionary parents not being able to afford a doll.  When the missionary barrel arrived, instead of the doll, they sent a pair of crutches.  Pollyanna’s father invented the Glad Game. She learned to be glad she did not need the crutches.

The Glad Game

I found a commentary that is quite good, by Chuck Bennett.

“…I don’t know of any scriptural basis for Pollyanna’s “glad game” (perhaps Romans 8:28, or Titus 1:15), but it seems to me that if we look into our hearts, we will find that the Lord would probably prefer for us to find reasons to be happy with the circumstances that He gives us, rather than find fault with what He provides. This principle can be found in such secular sayings as, “Every cloud has a silver lining,” “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade,” and “Always look on the bright side.” This doesn’t mean that we should ignore tragedy or sadness, or that we should stick our heads into the sand like ostriches to ignore problems, but simply that we accept that the Lord will look after us, and that we try to find the positive side of things. As singer Dennis Jernigan puts it in music, “God is Good, All the Time.” Even when it is difficult for us to understand and see the good that God has planned, it is there. Always.”

In other words – Rejoice Always, Pray Without Ceasing, and In Everything Give Thanks – for this is the will of God.  If George H. W. Bush has won against Bill Clinton in 1992, George W. Bush would never have become POTUS.  We truly needed George W. Bush in 2001.  He literally saved us from a fate worse than death.

Fast-forward a few years from now.  By the time the Terrible Trio is finished with this economy, and we start shoveling our way out of the Depression they are creating, you won’t even be able to get someone elected to the position of Dog Catcher Animal Control Officer if they are affiliated with the Democratic Party.

AJ Strata has a excellent commentary about the financial mess and how the Democrats created it.