It’s Official – Obama Is An Idiot – Insults Discovery Astronauts


I don’t think showing off for a bunch of school kids is an excuse to patronize them and a group of brave men and women.  Barack Obama proved he knows nothing about space and absolutely  nothing about kids.  YOU DON’T PATRONIZE THEM, but then he patronizes everyone – anyway.

Those of us who follow the space program the way we also follow baseball, have wondered why The One (Incompetent) has taken so long in an attempt to nominate a new Administrator for NASA.  Now we know why the process has been such a trauma for him.  He’s a total and complete idiot.

Only a total and complete idiot, or a 5 year old 4 year old kid in kindergarten would be talking to astronauts in orbit and comment on the fact that they are not “flying” around up there and want to know if they are tied down or something!

He then asked:

“…”You guys still drink Tang up there?” Obama asked with a laugh. He said Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., who flew on a space shuttle in 1986, told him it had been taken off the menu. Nelson was one of the members of Congress who took part in the call…’

Then, to prove how much he truly dislikes and dis-respects women, he asked Sandra Magnus:

…Obama couldn’t resist asking Magnus — the only woman on board — whether she was tempted to cut her hair, which floated in every direction, while she was in space. She said no, and the president called it “a real fashion statement.”…”


5 thoughts on “It’s Official – Obama Is An Idiot – Insults Discovery Astronauts

  1. It must kill you guys that Obama and his admin are so much more competent and capable than Bush. Its laughably plain to see. The truth just burns in your gut, so u desperately search for others to placate your delusions.

  2. You’ve got to be kidding right? Obama’s administration competent??!! They can’t even nominate ANYONE that knows how to pay taxes. Obama promised no earmarks……he lied about that. Obama promised no lobbyists….he lied about that. You are right about one thing, o cmon, Obama is VERY confident about lying to the American public. And let’s not even mention about how he goes to Europe and apologizes for America and calls his own people, the people that elected him to office no less, he calls them arrogant. Oops! I mentioned it. Oh well.

  3. A correction: When I said Obama is confident about lying to America, I meant competent, but really, he is confident that he can lie to the public, because people like you, o cmon just keep drinking that kool-aid.

  4. Replying to donkat. Never say never. You must remember that many people of higher stature have the luxury of paying others to do things for them. You can’t be a fly on the wall and pretend to know everything. You don’t know what caused the problem. If you are good at what you do, and I (you too) benefit from it, what’s the harm? I am a point in my life that says, OK, you did that and that is something you will have to deal with. Now how is this going to help me and the United States as a whole. Don’t be so narrow minded and perfect. You come out looking better and the other person still has to pay his taxes. What’s the real problem you are having? If you can help this economy and bring needs and resources closer together for the people of the United States, I don’t care that you are late or didn’t pay your taxes. What’s in it for me? As long as you are not responsible for paying the taxes, why are you mad?

    This society needs to stop letting the media and politics dictate how they think and respond to situations, incidents and life in general. We must become individual thinkers and make sound decisions based on the needs and concerns for all. Always think out of the box with insight, carefully selecting your words and thoughts. Remeber those high school analytical essays that sought individual reactions to problems and solutions?
    Be careful out there. What’s in the back of your closet. You have to remember that this politicians are human just like I am assuming you are. Politicians should be held to a higher standard, but I know in truth they are not better than me. People don’t always do the right thing. Some are stupid,so I’ll grant you that much. Look at the whole picture. What are you going to get out of this? I once sought out a retired prositute to talk to a group of at risk girls about the life and how to not abuse, but protect their bodies. Who was in a better position to speak? I looked at the larger picture. I needed protect potential girls in harms way.

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