Part III – Attacking Palin To Hid Obama’s Flub?


Mid-morning on Monday, The Pink Flamingo personally witnessed the most creative version of circular Pounding Palin Thinking ever.  It came from MSNBC.  In order to comprehend the full story, one must suspend “disbelief” and common sense.  I am going to attempt to detail the “report”.

1.  Sarah Palin “planned” the whole debacle on Leno – somehow.

2.  Sarah Palin took advantage of Obama’s good nature.

3.  Somehow Sarah Palin manipulated Barack Obama into saying what he did about the Special Olympics.

4.  Sarah Palin tricked Barack Obama.  She knew what Obama would say about the Special Olympics, so she made the video BEFORE Obama went on Leno.

Ergo –

This is quite fascinating when one realizes Palin made the video BEFORE the Jay Leno incident.  But then, when has logic ever appealed to ObamaWorshippers?


One thought on “Part III – Attacking Palin To Hid Obama’s Flub?

  1. THANKS for linking that video! Some of the richest times of my life have been working with Downs kids. Gotta love that Sarah. Her love for her children is a smack-ya-in-the-face obvious reality.

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