It Is Now a Moral Crime Not to Watch Obama’s Press Conferences?


As far as I’m concerned, Eric Cantor has no taste.  Britany Spears?  That said, until the rules change, and Obama gets around to making additional re-writes to the Constitution, there is absolutely nothing compelling ANYONE to watch ANYTHING the One (incompetent) says.

Liberals are making a big deal because Cantor and a few others did not watch The One (incompetent)’s press conference.

What’s the big fat hairy deal?

Someone needs to explain to the Huff Post, the Wonkette, and the other people George Soros funds that we still have a free country (sort of).  Until The One (incompetent) decides to make attendence to his functions manditory, we still have the freedom not to be stuck watching to him make love to his TOTUS.

The WPost thinks Cantor should have been worshipping The One (incompetent) instead of having a real life.

“…Cantor had to skip much of his party’s big annual fundraiser last night for House GOP candidates to go rake in money for his own campaign at Ms. Baby One More Time’s show. He left the GOP dinner around 9 p.m., we’re told, to head over to the Verizon Center.

We’re told by one GOP leadership aide that the conservative whip didn’t exactly enjoy himself, but did what he had to do to save his party.

“If suffering through a Britney Spears concert will raise one more dime to help Republicans take back the House, then next time there should be 100 more members sitting there with Cantor,” the source says.

Cantor’s office declined to discuss the Britney-Eric show, so we weren’t able to find out whether he’s a closeted Britney fan. The congressman does, however, have a teenage daughter, so we suspect he may know at least a few words from the “Circus” album….”