The GOP “Budget” Plans – House Republicans Are Fools!


The Republicans in the US House of Representatives are a bunch of bumbling idiots who can’t get anything right.  I think that’s why they must constantly stress the fact that they are “conservative” – it’s the only thing RIGHT about them. Just when you think they’re getting their act together and may amount to something, they take a good idea and turn it into that specific barnyard substance that had a foul odor about it.

It’s called the Republican Road to RecoveryIt is a very good start. It should have been a good start. It should have begun the GOP’s literal road to recovery, but once again the idiots in the House who call themselves Republicans proved how idiotic they actually are.

Republicans like to ape Dems and blame GWB for their loses.  Maybe the GOP members of the House and some in the Senate should go look in the mirror. They have only themselves to blame!  Do you really want to know why we are suffering through the ruination of this country – THEY ARE TO BLAME. Not George W. Bush, not me, not you, not immigration reform.  The Republicans in the House and the Senate are to blame for this fine mess they have gotten ourselves into!

Why the H-E-DOUBLE TOOTHPICK did they jump ahead of themselves and open the whole GOP up to such “mirth“?  We all know it was going to happen, but why not can’t the House GOP do something right for just once?

Nothing bugs me more than being subjected to ridicule from sources that are so darn pathetic and not up to my standards, from people I consider “trash”. Well, I consider Dems trash. By jumping the gun so to speak, Boehner’s little twits have given the Dems and their willing freaks in the MSM a chance to make fun of us – yet again.

Only fools do not learn from history.

Obviously the House GOP is made up of the Company of Fools. Read the comments after this one.  I’m afraid I agree.  The House Republicans are MORONS!  They are IDIOTS.  They are FOOLS.

“…And that’s really all we got. House GOP leaders held a press conference this morning to prove a) they could put together a budget; b) that they could be the “party of yes”; and c) that their agenda is about more than just saying the opposite of whatever President Obama wants.

Instead, they unveiled a “budget” with no numbers or even budget estimates, and spent most of the press conference criticizing the president.

Republican leaders posted their “Road to Recovery” report online, and it’s more or less a joke. Apparently — I hope you’re sitting down — the minority party believes the nation will thrive if we cut taxes, stick with Bush’s energy policies, and pursue more deregulation. How much would this cost? They don’t say. How would this affect the deficit? They don’t say….”

If Glenn Thrush of the Politico is correct, we have a few egos that need an attitude adjustment.  We have a serious problem in the House. I still think part of that problem is the fact that John Boehner is not a strong leader and lets his caucus get away with way too much.  From what I’ve been told, during the days when the late, great Joe Skeen was one of the GOP’s Whips, things like this would not be allowed.

“...House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va.) and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wisc.) raised objections to an abbreviated alternative budget “blueprint” released today — but were told by House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) they needed to back the plan, according to several Republican sources.

The argument, coming a week before the full House and Senate are scheduled to vote on the budget, underscores the minority party’s woes in a mounting unified opposition to President Obama’s $3.6 trillion FY2010 budget proposal.

Ryan, the ranking Republican on the budget committee, plans to introduce a detailed substitute amendment for the Democrats’ spending plan next Wednesday — and still intends to do so.

But he and Cantor were reportedly told by Boehner and Republican Conference Chairman Mike Pence (R-Ind.) they needed to move more quickly to counter Democrats’ charge they were becoming the “Party of No,” according to House GOP staffers.

The 19-page document, prepared by Pence’s office, was distributed two days after  President Obama criticized Republicans for trashing his detail-crammed 142-page budget outline without producing a credible alternative.

“In his egocentric rush to get on camera, Mike Pence threw the rest of the Conference under the bus, specifically Paul Ryan, whose staff has been working night and day for weeks to develop a substantive budget plan,” said a GOP aide heavily involved in budget strategy.

“I hope his camera time was gratifying enough to justify erasing the weeks of hard work by dozens of Republicans to put forth serious ideas,” the person added.

“It’s categorically untrue,” said Pence spokesman Matt Lloyd. “Cantor as well as Ryan and the rest of the leadership have been part of this process for weeks. They not only signed off on it, but their staffs helped edit it.”

Ryan told POLITICO that he didn’t feel thrown under any buses and downplayed the disagreement.

“The problem is that somewhere along the line, someone got the mistaken impression that we were going to roll out a budget alternative today,” he said. “What we all signed off on was a preview—the real [alternative] is coming next week.”

Still, when he was asked what purpose today’s preview served, Ryan directed me to Pence’s office:  “You’ve got to ask the conference this question, I can’t answer that question.”…”

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3 thoughts on “The GOP “Budget” Plans – House Republicans Are Fools!

  1. The leadership has to consist of serious people who don’t avoid the need to provide details. I’m not surprised to see that Paul Ryan emerges as a hero in this otherwise descent into comic opera. My recent (brief, but enlightening) encounter with Thaddeus McCotter establishes that he’s another grown-up. Why aren’t Ryan and McCotter keadubg the GOP in Congress? Well, Republicans — like Democrats — “have to wait their turn.” While they’re waiting, the country burns. Jindal and Palin did not “come from nowhere.” The problem is that they were ignored by the Party poobahs, even though they both had/have great appeal to the American people. Yes, Obama is ruining the country, but we need some patriotic Republicans to stand up and tell the nation exactly what’s happening. Types with “Beltway Syndrome” aren’t capable of doing that.

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