If the Obama White House Can’t Handle the Easter Egg Roll….?


It sounds good.  Just make tickets for the annual White House Easter Egg Roll available on-line.  Avoid the wait, the lines, and make ’em available all over the country.  Just go online and order ’em.

Naturally, with anything the Obama folks try, they’re going to make a mess.  There is a poetic justice here.  When you act like an arrogent jerk and try to “CHANGE” everything, you blow it.

No wonder they are destroying this country.  If you can’t even organize an Easter Egg Roll, how the heck to you plan to take care of the economy?

“…The switch to online distribution was envisioned as a way to ease the process and make tickets to the April 13 event on the White House’s South Lawn available to a broader cross section of people across the nation. By 6 p.m. yesterday, tickets had been snatched up by people in 41 states, a spokeswoman said. By 7:45, the Web site said all tickets were gone.

Complaints began surfacing early yesterday, shortly after the tickets became available.

Several people said that they were unable to log on to the White House ticket site or that when they logged on, tickets weren’t available. Some resorted to Craigslist to find tickets, for as much as $50 apiece. A spokeswoman for the White House said it was working with Internet sites to prevent ticket sales. She said the staggered distribution was done to give more families the chance to get tickets without having to be available at a specific time.

Tracy Rotton of Aspen Hill said she started trying to reserve tickets for her two children at 8 a.m. At 2:15 p.m., she announced  via Twitter that she had gotten her tickets.

“I was a bit dubious when I first heard about the White House’s plans for offering the Easter Egg Roll tickets online,” Rotton said in an e-mail to The Washington Post yesterday. “And for much of the morning . . . I was being proved right.”

Kristin Vergis of Garden City, N.Y., said she was up until midnight to see whether the ticket site was active. She went to the site again at 6 a.m. and tried to reserve tickets throughout the day, to no avail. “At one point, I got through the verification process and then was timed out,” she said in an e-mail to The Post. “I wish the ticket process had been left the way it was.”…”


2 thoughts on “If the Obama White House Can’t Handle the Easter Egg Roll….?

  1. I have attended the easter egg roll several times when my daughter was younger. The system worked and you did not have to camp out overnight to get tickets. We would arrive at the White House and get in line between 5 and 6am. We always got in and we made friends along the way from all over the country.The system was organized and they were very clear when you got in line if you would get tickets or not. If you arrived late then you did not get tickets. This system worked and it was open to all equally. If you were not in line you did not get in. With the new system there will be people selling and making a profit off of this. There will be people who did get tickets and will not use them, even the lady who got a set of tickets from the White House got tickets for children over 10 years old. How many children will not get tickets because people got tickets for children over 10. This is an event for children under 10. This years system was awful and should have been thought through if there needed to be a change. One more year of the old way would not have hurt things, but we have to undo everything and create chaos.

  2. The White House Easter Egg hunt. That is what you are complaining about?

    Why aren’t you enraged about Obama starting a criminal aggression against another country, thieving our economy into collapse, making the United States synonomous with torture, allowing a great American city to drown?

    Oh wait, never mind. That was your guy.
    Back to something important- the White House Easter egg hunt.

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