Nessum Dorma


The Great Aretha does Nessum Dorma.

All I can say is it is unexpected and – a little bit wow!  But then this lady deserves R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

She filled in for Luciano on 22 minutes notice.

A star is born?

Nessum Dorma


3 thoughts on “Nessum Dorma

  1. I can empathize with her breathing (and range–she needed to sing it in a different key, but time and resources didn’t allow the change… BTDT, and it wasn’t as pretty as this ;-)) difficulties (long story). She certainly put her own stamp on it. Beat the living socks off Michael Bolton’s butchery and Mario Lanza’s pitiful performance.

    Still… I don’t think I want to hear that more than once. *heh*

  2. Then I’m not alone in thinking Mario Lanza is “not all that”. I think the fact that Aretha had less than an hour to pull the thing of was remarkable. And the fact that she had enough faith in her own skills to just do her thing was quite remarkable, but then I’m an Aretha fan.


  3. Oh, I’m a fan of Aretha’s work as well. On this, notsomuch, even given the situation. That said, I don’t know whose big brass pair she was swinging, but it took some major confidence to wing it in the situation. While I said I wouldn’t want to hear this rendition again and meant it, I would like to hear her do it in a key that suits her voice, for contrast if nothing else. (N.B., yes, I know changing keys does affect the “teleology” of a piece in often unintended ways, but in this case I’d like to hear those ways :-))

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