Part IV: Is There a Method to the Current Palin Attacks?


Jim Geraghty at the Campaign Spot came up with something that is as obvious as the ears on Obama’s head.  (Cheap shot, I know).  The Left is trying to bankrupt the Palin Family. I think there is more to the Democrat attack on Sarah Palin than meets the eye.  After what has been done to her this past year, would YOU even consider a political run?

Make Him An Offer He Can\’t Refuse

This is what it’s all about – power and intimidation.  Make Republicans an offer they can’t refuse.  You run for office and WE destroy you. If you keep on coming, we’ll destroy your family.

It is intimidation.
We know it isn’t ethical.
It may not even be legal.
But it sure is working.

The way things stand today, the average person now thinks twice, then decides NOT to make a political run.  The Obama freaks are really after her.

It is lying and harassingMaking fun of a person until they become a laughing stock.  They nearly succeeded with Sarah Palin except for the fact that she won’t go away.  They are trying to bankrupt her family. And, the story is finally dripping down into the MSM.  If Sarah Palin needs a legal defense fund then she MUST be guilty.  That’s going to be the mantra.

Make fun of her.

Geraghty writes:

“…Since Alaska governor Sarah Palin was named John McCain’s running mate, her foes and various Alaskan liberals have begun a new exercise, attempting to bankrupt the Palin family through legal fees, by filing endless ethics complaints against her.

In her term, ten ethics complaints and 150 FOIA requests have been filed. (One of the complaints, about improperly firing her state public-safety commissioner, predates her national prominence.)

While holding elected officials accountable is laudable, most of the matters are beyond trivial. One of the complaints against her was for talking to reporters about the presidential campaign while she was in the governor’s office. Another objected to her office press secretary offering a statement to clarify a statement put out by her political action committee. The latest complaint is that Palin wore snow-machine gear advertising her husband Todd’s sponsor, Arctic Cat Inc, while “in her official duties as governor” when she served as the “official starter” of the race.

Palin owes $500,000 in legal fees, almost four times her annual salary. She says she may be forced to create a legal defense fund….”

If you doubt it, just check out this little piece of trash highlighted by Conservatives for Palin.  There’s a liberal blogger who is filing an ethics complaint because Sarah Palin had gall to wear a jacket promoting her husband. Yep – it’s an ethic’s violation.  From what I gather, according to Biegel, Palin had best walk around naked because this liberal bastion of stupidity is going to complain about any “label”.  God forbid Palin were to carry a Louis Vuitton Bag!  Oh, Celtic Diva is a big time DNC blogger.

“…Linda Kellen Biegel, better known as blogger “Celtic Diva,” is filing an ethics complaint with the Attorney General today against Governor Sarah Palin. The complaint alleges a conflict of interest when Governor Palin wore specially designed snow-machine gear advertising her husband Todd’s biggest Iron Dog sponsor, Arctic Cat Inc. She did so while acting in her official capacity as Governor of the State of Alaska and official starter of the Iron Dog Snow Machine Race.

Not only was she well aware that there would be extensive Alaska media coverage, the Palins also knew that international magazine Sports Illustrated was coming to do a story on Todd.

Biegel provides links to the Palins’ APOC Financial Disclosure Statements for the last two years, which reveal the thousands of dollars Todd Palin receives in sponsorship benefits from Arctic Cat. While there is nothing illegal in actually receiving sponsorship money, this makes the Governor’s wearing of Arctic Cat gear while representing Alaska the equivalent of a walking billboard, providing benefits to a private company from whom she and her family derive income..”