Part V – Attacking Palin to Destroy Her


Sarah Palin is currently being subjected to a vicious, vile, denigrating series of attacks that are only growing more frequent, cruel, manipulative, and obviously well planned.  They are coming from somewhere.  I suspect they are coming through the Soros-owned attack machines.

Evidently Sarah Palin is doing quite well in someone’s internal polling.  Now that they no longer have George W. Bush to push around, and their attacks on Rush Limbaugh have backfired, the Obama lovers are going after Sarah Palin.  Perhaps we should consider this to be rather encouraging because someone in their polling is a very serious chink in The One (incompetent)’s armor.

Something is going on inside the Dem attack machine.  I’ve been doing “google alerts” on Sarah Palin for several months.  In the past few days – this past week actually, since I began this seemingly endless series on attacking Palin, the attacks have escelated in scope and viciousness.  They are as numerous as they were during the early part of the final election cycle last fall.

Not only is the Soros-Obama attack machine not content to limit their attacks to Sarah Palin, but they are now going after any media figure who is sympathetic to her. Once upon a time when the Clinton White House was going after the anti-abortion protesters they used the RICCO laws against rackateering for collusion.  I swear this is what is happening here.   It is not going to do any of us much good to limit our indignation to our blogs and sites that are sympathic to Sarah Palin. We must begin attacking the dragons of prevarications in their lairs.

The game is afoot!

The MSM is doing their best to try and destroy Sarah Palin.  I don’t think those of us who support Palin should be all that excited about it.  They would do the same thing to anyone who is considered to be a threat to The One (incompetent).  It is all about destroying the competition.

If you have a grasp on “ancient history” you might remember back to the fall of 2008 and the election cycle where Sarah Palin was treated like dirt.  Guess what?  There was a George Soros connection just like there was a George Soros connection to the very worst of Bush Derangement Syndrome.


George Soros hates America.  He hates Christians.  He wants America to fail.  He is making money off our misery.  He is also paying for the attacks on Sarah Palin.

It is a cautionary tale.

If you are a Republican and you are a threat to the Dem establishment, YOU MUST BE DESTROYED.  Ergo, the Dems are trying to Bankrupt Sarah Palin and her family.

It is part of the hit machine that is the brain child of Leon Podesta, James Carville, and Rahm Emanuel is in on it.  It comes DIRECTLY out of the Obama White House.

“…Dear Friend,

You won’t even believe this.

The Republicans have called on none other than Sarah Palin to headline their big fat-cat fundraising dinner.

You know they’re going to use every last dime they raise to try to slam the brakes on President Obama’s change agenda.

You know what I say? Thanks, but no thanks – how about you get back on that bridge to nowhere, Sarah.

We’ve got to beat her and the rest of those “no, baby, no” Republicans standing in President Obama’s way by winning this FEC fundraising battle on March 31st. It’s the only one in President Obama’s first 100 days. It’ll show everybody that America stands behind President Obama and Democrats fighting for change – not Sarah Palin and the “just say no” Republicans.

Contribute $5, $10, or more today to the DCCC’s Million Dollar Match campaign. This is the only FEC deadline during President Obama’s first 100 days. If you give today, they’ll match your gift 2-to-1, tripling its impact.

We need to make sure our Democratic voices for change are stronger and louder than all their “Party of No” talk.

Republicans are trying to change the subject by going on the attack. First, it was the daddy of all Republicans Rush Limbaugh riling up the GOP base by rooting for President Obama to fail. Then it was RNC Chair Michael Steele transferring $1 million to bolster the House Republicans’ campaign war chest. One Republican even fessed up that his party’s goal in Congress isn’t getting anything done – it’s tearing down approval numbers for Democrats.

They’re coming for a fight. Let’s give them one.

Contribute $5, $10, or more to the DCCC’s Million Dollar Match campaign before Midnight March 31st. If you give today, they’ll match your gift 2-to-1, tripling its impact.

In 2008, Republicans got heartburn every time they came up on one of these big FEC fundraising deadlines. So what do you say we keep them on their heels?

James Carville

Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm is a failed governor of a state that is sinking faster than an oil tanker that has run aground off Sarah Palin’s Alaska coast.  She made a snarky remark about Palin at the Obamaless Gridiron Dinner and says it was all in good clean fun.  Palin supporters are not amused.

The problem is the fact that Sarah Palin is now the rainmaker for both the Dems and the GOP.  In fact, the Dems are being quite nasty about it, and about her.

The problem is about the wholesale battering, lying about, and abusing anyone who dares support her.

“...The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee asked supporters Tuesday to make a donation to help stop the former vice presidential candidate and her fellow Republicans from blocking President Obama’s policy goals.

“The Republicans have called on none other than Sarah Palin to headline their big fat-cat fundraising dinner,” James Carville, a Democratic strategist, wrote in a Tuesday e-mail. “You know they’re going to use every last dime they raise to try to slam the brakes on President Obama’s change agenda.”

Carville, a CNN contributor, is referring to the announcement by congressional Republicans that Palin would be headlining a major fundraising dinner in June. But it is not clear if Palin will attend the fundraiser, let alone headline it. A Palin spokesman said the governor did not know about the event, and it appears there was some confusion between her staff in Alaska and political aides in Washington…”

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