Part IX: An Attack on Palin’s Faith & That of Others


Atheists everywhere are now denigrating Palin because she used the word “prayer” and said she wanted someone to pray with.

Right now the latest talking points for liberals must be taking on Sarah Palin, her faith, and then criticize the faith of anyone the Left thinks might be helping her.  She’s an idiot because of her faith that will destroy education and science.

John Coale is a big shot in Scientology.  His wife is Greta Van Susteren.  She is a Scientologist.  John Coale is a huge supporter of Sarah Palin.  John Coale once wrote an study about increasing the profile and power of Scientology in Washington.

ERGO:  John Coale is trying to “convert” Sarah Palin to Scientology and take over her campaign, and take over the world.    Ohhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Isn’t it quite amusing about liberals? When they want the money of some of Scientology’s biggest stars they can’t pander and suck-up enough.  But let someone involved in Scientology support a Republican and suddenly Scientology = evil? There’s something strange going on here.

Give me a break.

And so we are subjected to yet another STUPID attack from the far left upon Sarah Palin. What we are doing is seeing yet another attack upon Sarah Palin.  It is a different kind of attack, this one aimed at those who supporter her.  The warning is clear.  If you support someone of whom we do not approve, we’re going to destroy you, too.

Don’t dare mention prayerPalin is stupid because she dared mention she wanted someone to pray with.

…I didn’t think it was possible after this past election cycle, but Sarah Palin has continued to make herself look even dumber in the months following the McCain/Palin defeat.

This time she reached new lows by expressing her elitism regarding prayer. She apparently found herself in a situation where she looked around at a bunch of campaign staffers, judged them, and decided that they weren’t fit to pray with her. What a psycho….


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  1. Cindy, excellent post. Of course, the attack on Sarah Palin is an attack on her as a Christian and as a normal wife and mother. Those roles are not acceptable to the hate-mongers on the Left. — steve

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