Republicans Must Adapt or Become Eternal Losers


“…In conjunction with the “Take Sarah Palin Down” movement, it is becoming more clear that several forces are at play; though with one common purpose: Destroy Sarah Palin….”  Sarah Palin for 2012.

The Democrat attack machine is out to destroy anyone who gets in Obama’s their way.  This week I have been featuring attacks on George W. Bush and on Sarah Palin.  There is a real effort this week to do anything possible to harm Palin – to destroy her.  It makes me wonder about The One (incompetent)’s poll numbers.


There are several things we Republicans must do in order to stop the bleeding, and start winning.  First, somehow the GOP must figure out a way to separate non Republican conservatives from our ranks – psychologically, literally, and in a public manner.  Republicans who are conservative MUST be Republicans first, and conservatives second.

There are many “important” bloggers, writers, and talk-show hosts who are conservative first and possibly not Republican at all.  If they cannot help the effort, then they must be constantly harassed and criticized by Republicans until they either put up, shut up, or specify who and what they are.

When they go for the throat of our good Republicans (the way Laura Ingraham and Michelle Malkin do) we need to complain, en mass.  If you aren’t part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

There is a group of us who email back and forth about political items.  One of the women involved, Melia Nash, sent this comment to me in an email.  Melia is a gifted writer.  She is saying exactly what I believe we Republicans must be doing.  Like The Pink Flamingo, Melia believes the way I do about GWB.

“….  But I’m in marketing and I tell you what the public sees…ONE side, Bush is the worst president ever.  They hear it every time Soro’s and his gang defends Obama…and EVERYTIME, [they attack Bush]  ENOUGH!  If Palin is going to win, if ANY Republican is going to win, people we must begin to defend Bush and ALL Republicans as though this nation’s survival depends on it because it does….”

Melia is exactly right.  Instead of defending GWB, which a few of us have continued to do, we’ve been good little Republicans, polite, calm, turning the other cheek, while we’re being stabbed in the back. Do we allow the Dems to continuing lying about our people, the way they have been lying about Palin and the stimulus money this week, or do we defend her?

If we can’t start fighting for our people, defending them, then we’re not worth much, are we? Case in point. Is anyone calling Harry Reid’s office after he LIED about John Roberts? Are we just going to sit back and take it, when any thinking point knows Reid has an agenda. How long is it before he decides Roberts needs to be impeached?

We Republicans have a problem.  It is a very serious problem. If we do not solve that problem and change, we’re in for an endless eternity of liberals like The Three Stooges (Obama, Palin, Reid).

Republicans cannot be afraid of MOCKING the Dems the way they have been doing our precious little House GOP this week.

If we protest – we are accused of “HARASSING“.  If they do it, it is patriotic.  In other words, WE have no right to defend ourselves or protest, or even suggest THEY start telling the truth.  The prime example is that little twit “Celtic Diva” who is part of the liberal cabal to bankrupt the Palin family with petty, nit-picky, stupid charges.  I do hope Alaska has those laws where a person like that must pay the legal fees of those harassed once they have been proven wrong – and a stiff fine.  Then there is the so called AKM Blogger out of Alaska, who constantly harassed Palin.  The Huff Post waxes poetic with disillusions to patriots past when defending this boil on the bottom of the world.  BUT – when your humble Pink Flamingo uses such language at Blogcritics to defend Republicans, the same liberal freaks attack – endlessly to the point where they are dispiriting.

Republicans MUST learn to fight back the way the liberals are doing.  The perfect example is what was done to Sarah Palin on MSNBC about her prayer comment.  We need “action” alerts where we can “attack” en masse the same way the liberals do our people. As Christians we need to fight back when anyone like Chris Matthews says we are “not normal”.


We need more than the rank and file Republican blogger or internet user.  If “regular” non-wired Republicans cannot get involved in the fight, we’re doomed.  The average GOP county level party member needs to join the fight, and help take out people who are lying about our Repblican officials. If they aren’t online, they have phones.

If we cannot attract the attention everyone who is a Republican, we’re doomed.


The other thing that must end, NOW, is the employment of what some of us are calling the 80% Solution.  It is based on Ronald Reagan’s comment that if someone votes with him 80% percent of the time they are not his political enemy but his friend.

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