Part XI – Democratic Religious Bigotry & Sarah Palin


In order to defame and destroy Sarah Palin, the MSM, especially the Politico, in their ongoing war on Sarah Palin, must basically try and destroy Greta Van Susteren, who is one of today’s most respected media personalities.  They are doing everything possible to destroy Greta, including promoting Glenn Beck.


The Politico’s gotta do what the Politico’s gotta do, and if Greta Van Susteren is ruined in their irrational determination to destroy Sarah Palin, then Greta’s basically cannon fodder.  She and John Coale, her husband, must now be rediculed and denigrated because of their religion.


The real reason – the Dems have decided to destroy Sarah Palin to detract from Obama’s bad performance.

I thought the liberal Politico was above such things!  The fun part – the Politico and the Huff Post are now at odds with one another over the story.  Greta is not amused, BTW.

“...Advice from me? huh? I am flattered someone would think people take advice from me but this is fanciful.

Note that it is from a  “source” — is that code for phoney? In this instance yes.   This is why I hate “sources” and where journalism can be grossly unfair — in the law you have to step up on the witness stand and identify yourself and take an oath to tell the truth.  You can’t do a “hit and run!”

I have never given Governor Palin advice – she does not need it from me.  I don’t even have her phone number or her email address.  I don’t think I have ever had a conversation with her off camera and if I have, it was 45 seconds!  The goal in TV is to get tape and as much as you can so you run the camera every second.  (If you don’t believe me, ask the camera people who are with us at all times!) When you do interviews with politicians, you interview and the politician runs to the next event or interview. Even when we did the interview at her home in Alaska post election, we did the interview in the home with her in her kitchen, another news organization was standing by and followed with their interview (I think it was the Anchorage Daily News) while we went outside to interview her husband on his snow machine.

As for booking her, the article is not only wrong but disses the On The Record staff who works this story hard.  The producers are the ones who book her, who have made multiple trips to Alaska to work the story….staying there for days and days… and what I have done – which is not much compared to their heavy lifting –  is follow up emails – at the direction of our staff on the ground –  to her staff (yes, staff!)

As for my husband, everyone in the media sure has gotten themselves going with all sorts of wild imagination. We are laughing at it at home because with each story it gets wilder and wilder. You would think from the stories that my husband ran her VP campaign.  Yes, he advised her – after the election –  how to set up a PAC (big deal – it is common – routine – for politicians to set up a PAC – virtually every politician has one set up and there is nothing wrong with them.. and incidentally, the PAC was created to pay travel bills she had accumulated and would accumulate in the future and to contribute to other candidates …and the Pac was not to be her chief political advisers which is what the article accuses.)  And yes, he thought it wrong the way she was attacked in the media.  As a matter of fact, so did I think she was treated unfairly by the media (I don’t like gratuitous attacks…issues, yes….but not gratuitous attacks) and I am not the only one who thought that in the media.

My husband helped with the PAC – I did not -…”

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4 thoughts on “Part XI – Democratic Religious Bigotry & Sarah Palin

  1. Great post. I do not like the way the repukians treated Sarah either. You know the kind. The kiss-ups to whoever’s the favorite RINO of the week according to the dinosaur media. And yes. I do consider them RINO’s, because they are only Conservatives when they’re running for office. They’re not very good when they do this either! Well, according to me. lol.

    How are you doing lady? I am well. Keep those great posts coming, and have a blessed day.

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