U. S. Sec of Ed Making Allies of Graham & Sanford


I don’t think it is a secret that Lindsey and Mark Sanford to not see eye to eye.  I don’t even think it would be telling tales out of school to suggest that neither man has much respect or regard for one another.

Lindsey thinks Sanford should take the $700 million from the stinulous package designated for SC’s schools.  Sanford is not taking it.  SC’s schools, with just a few exceptions, are a state-wide disgrace.  The state annually ranks right down there with Mississippi when it comes to education, testing, etc.  I think even New Mexico ranks better when it comes to education.

US Education Sec Arne Duncan said Thursday that he was going to FORCE Sanford to the money.  That’s the straw that literally broke the elephant’s back.

“…Graham said while he believes Sanford should accept the money, Duncan’s plan to send the money anyway is “unnerving.”

“The one thing I have been insistent on is that the law needs to be bigger than politics,” Graham told GreenvilleOnline. “I think it is unnerving to hear a federal official talk about circumventing the law.”

Duncan said Thursday: “We have a moral obligation to help those children.” But Graham questioned using that obligation to go around the process set up by Congress.

“If he’s driven by a moral obligation to do something does the law matter?” Graham asked. “Do we really want a federal official, an unelected federal official to be able to start handing out $700 million because they feel they have a moral obligation. That is arrogance beyond belief.”…”