Your Friendly Neighborhood Fusion Center (or) Oye I Could Be a “Radical”!


I didn’t mind the Patriot Act when GWB was POTUS.  In fact, my major opposition to it was the fact that what would happen if we had some idiot elected who was determined to impress his/her own fanatical ideas on the nation.

That time is here.  The ACLU has declared Fusion Centers unconstitutional, according to Mark Moran’s American Thinker piece.  What I find interesting is the list of suspicious activities.

“…In April 2008, the Wall Street Journal and the Los Angeles Times both reported on a new Los Angeles Police Department order that compels LAPD officers to begin reporting “suspicious behaviors” in addition to their other duties-creating a stream of “intelligence” about a host of everyday activities that, according to documents, will be fed to the local fusion center.

The list includes such innocuous, clearly subjective, and First Amendment protected activities as:

– taking measurements
– using binoculars
– taking pictures or video footage “with no apparent esthetic value”
– abandoning vehicle
– drawing diagrams
– taking notes
– espousing extremist views…”

Oye, I could be a radical…what shall I do?

  1. I’ve been running around with a tape-measure in my pink wallet, going from home, to the local flea market to the local antique junk store measuring furniture.  I guess that makes my activities suspicious.  On the other hand, it makes me one of the most welcome sights at said local establishments as I purchase used and battered junk furniture to re-do for my condo redecorating.
  2. I use a camera tele-photo lense – it works better.  There’s a mountain behind me.  There are crazy Texans coming in for the season – you gotta spy on something – right?
  3. I’m a photographer – what can I say?
  4. My Durango needs a service job -seriously – does that count as radical behavior if the transmission finally springs that leak and I gotta leave it until the “ambulence” or tow truck comes?
  5. I’ve been taking measurments and doing diagrams of things I want done around the condo.  All are in a little book.
  6. I’m a writer.  I take notes.
  7. I’m against Obama – does that indicate expousing extremist views?

For the record I am a Republican and have NEVER voted for a third party candidate.  I voted for Fritz Hollings one time. I am anti-abortion. I blog.

They’re coming to take me away…..