Mitt Romney Approves of Obama GM Take-Over (sort of)!


Yet another Pink Flamingo I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mitt Romney is not the “conservative” the far right thinks he is.  He is pragmatic.  That’s fine.  I like pragmatism.  But – he’s not condemning what Obama did to GM.  He’s promoting his own agenda – as usual.

P. S. He doesn’t approve of corporate jets, executive lunch rooms, etc.  This man is not conservative.  He is not condemning the unconstitutional actions of Barack Obama, all he’s doing is promoting himself.

Mitt Romney is as narcissistic as is Barack Obama.

Oh, he’s running in 2012.

Once upon a time, back in the dark ages before the assention of the The Enlightened One, during what may prove to be this nation’s last “free” election, Mitt Romney was worshipped by conservatives as the last great hope.

Far Right Conservatives (the same ones who think Mark Sanford is the 2nd Coming of Reagan) did everything possible to denigrate John McCain in order to promote their chosen conservative blow-hard – Mitt Romney.  He looked a good game.  He talked a good game.  And, he was a closet “big government” guy, but far right conservatives are as gullible when it comes to far right mumbo-jumbo as are the idiots who voted for The Enlightened One (aka that little Hugo Chavez clone) now living in the White House.

I love being right.

Mitt Romney has now shown his true colors – and they sure aren’t Red, White & Blue.  But – the next question is:  Will his far right supporters admit THEY WRE WRONG about him?  Nah, they’re as stupid as the Obama-Bots.

Mitt Romney approves of what Barack Obama did to General Motors.  Would you like me repeat myself.  I sure don’t mind.  Mitt Romney approves of what Barack Obama did to General Motors.

Mitt Romney approves of what Barack Obama did to General Motors.

Get it – he’s not the 2nd Coming of Reagan.


Romney Running in 2012

Romney must not be living on the same planet with the rest of us.  He is a member of the club that thinks Obama’s move is to force GM into bankruptsy.  He doesn’t have the “guts” to disagree with the “take-over”, but is promoting this is The One (incompetent) doing what is right.

“…”I think a lot of people expected the president just to cave, write a check, and just hope for the better,” Romney said Tuesday morning on CNN. “I think he’s expressing some backbone on this.”

Romney grew up in Michigan, where his father was governor and, at one time, chairman of a now-defunct auto company. The former 2008 presidential candidate, though, was also sure to tout his own calls for bankruptcy last year, when Chrysler and GM first approached the government seeking support.

“That’s something I think he should have said months ago,” Romney claimed. “There were a number of us who said bankruptcy or a bankruptcy-like process was something that was needed to get GM and Chrysler on their feet again.”

Romney, who won the Michigan Republican primary during the 2008 nominating process, called for the use of the “club” of bankruptcy to force the restructuring of the state’s native industry.

“If the parties want to do it voluntarily — and apparently, at this stage, it’s looking like they haven’t been able to — then you’re going to have to have that kind of a club to be able to have these companies restructure their excessive costs,” he asserted….”