Was Wagoner Fired Because He Donated GOP?


Is it possible that the firing of General Motors CEO Rick Warner was sent on his merry little way because General Motors and it’s PAC has donatated $1.7 million to Republican candidates over the years and only about $800.000 to Dems?

According to the Politico, (which is quickly becoming extremely Democratic) Warner has donated about $33,000 to the GM PAC.  He and the Mrs. have given $24,100 to Republican candidate and $22,000 to Dems.

The unions give primarily to Dems.  If the study done by Open Secrets has any bearing on the the story, the auto industry could be in for some rough days ahead, considering how heavily their PACS and soft money favored GOP candidates.

“…But Wagoner did contribute $2,100 to Mitt Romney’s unsuccessful bid for the Republican presidential nomination. In the run-up to Michigan’s Republican primary, Romney came out in favor of federal assistance to Detroit’s Big Three automakers, while McCain all-but conceded auto-manufacturing jobs to China and Mexico.

After Obama’s election, though, Romney raised Michigan’s hackles by opposing a federal bailout and urging the Big Three to declare bankruptcy.

The Wagoners gave $6,000 to George W. Bush’s two presidential campaigns and another $2,000 to the Republican National Committee during Bush’s campaigns. The company gave $45,000 to the Republican Governors Association in 2007 and 2008 and $25,000 to the Democratic Governors Association.

The Wagoners and GM’s PAC also gave heavily to Michigan’s members of Congress from both parties.

Rep. John Dingell (D-Mich.), a stalwart supporter of the industry, was among the biggest beneficiaries. He got $9,000 from the Wagoners over the years, plus $10,000 from the PAC last election cycle alone.

It’s unclear how much influence Wagoner had on contributions from the company or the PAC. But, generally, executives are able to help shape the political giving strategies of their companies and PACs, said Massie Ritsch of the Center for Responsive Politics.

The center’s analysis found that the auto industry’s balance shifted slightly into Democrats’ favor in the 2008 cycle, when the party – in control of Congress for the first time since in more than decade – got 51 percent of auto cash….”