Part XI: NRCC & FOX Trashing Palin – Someone Screwed UP


What would happen if the reigning GOP “Rock Star” were alleged to have been invited to a top GOP fund-raising affair, but was never really invited?

After all, there are those who call Palin “Obama’s New Enemy of the People

Conservatives 4Palin has more on the nasty tale.  The bottom line, someone at FOX is out to get Palin.  Someone with the NRCC is covering a tushie. The next question is who at the NRCC is helping to take out Palin?

Would it be someone connected to…OBAMA?

Or – could it be the fact that Palin is a working governor who is involved in her own state and can’t go out grandstanding like the guys do?

“…Pam Pryor, the national spokeswoman for SarahPAC, declined to comment on whether Palin would headline the dinner, saying the governor’s scheduled will be finalized by the end of April.

“From the political office of SarahPAC, we are fielding many many requests for Governor Palin and are submitting those to her,” Pryor said in a statement. “Her schedule will be finalized after the conclusion of the Alaska session.”…”