Barack Obama’s “Moderate” Taliban and Women


Would someone please explain to me why liberal feminists have a tendency to IGNORE the plight of women living under extreme Islam? While Bush was POTUS, these women had a voice in Laura Bush.  They are now being consigned to the same third class status that existed during the Clinton Administration, when it was basically open season on women in the Islamic nations.

The Jawa Report has an alarming video of a 17 year old girl being whipped by someone in the new, cool, Obama approved Taliban.

“…It’s a good thing they don’t have any oil, or else our President might have to bow down to their leader. As it is, we are free to be act horrified and mildly self-rightous given that it’s our national policy to kill them wherever we find them. Meanwhile the Saudis give us oil in exchange for the money used to pay the Promotion of Virtue and Vice goons doling out the same kind of punishment — and worse…”

Things have just become worse for women in Afghanistan. Marie Cocco wrote in Real Clear Politics, that Afghan women have become prisoners again.  Under the Bush Administration, this would probably NOT have happened.  Today, because Obama is pandering to the Taliban, his State Department has said nothing about this.

“…That was then. This is now: Afghan President Hamid Karzai has just signed a law that forces women to obey their husbands’ sexual demands, keeps women from leaving the house — even for work or school — without a husband’s permission, automatically grants child custody rights to fathers and grandfathers before mothers, and favors men in inheritance disputes and other legal matters. In short, the law again consigns Afghan women to lives of brutal repression.

“This is really, really dangerous for everybody in Afghanistan,” Soraya Sobhrang of the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission said in a telephone interview from Kabul. Noting that violence against women already is rampant, Sobhrang said the new law effectively “legalizes all violence against women in Afghanistan.”

The legislation zoomed through Afghanistan’s parliament quickly. Karzai, who faces elections in August, signed it in an apparent effort to placate conservative religious factions. The United Nations Development Fund for Women says it is still analyzing a final version of the legislation, but is “seriously concerned” about its impact. It appears to contradict both the Afghan constitution, which guarantees equal rights for men and women, and international conventions on human rights….”

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6 thoughts on “Barack Obama’s “Moderate” Taliban and Women

  1. Liberal Feminists have revealed their intellectual shallowness in failing to be consistent on women’s issues world wide.

    US feminism is established and maintained ONLY for the purpose of keeping the women’s vote in the Democrat Party.

    Any real feminist issues are irrelevant to this objective. There is no other reason for their silence.

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  3. Liberal feminists seem to be concerned about women in every part of the world except the United States and Latin America.

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