Stop Illinois H.B. 2703 – A Cat Death Act


I received an email alert from Alley Cats.  They are trying to stop Illinois H. B. 2703, which basically gives animal control officers the right to pick up any “loose” cat and transport them to a shelter where they will probably be murdered.  The bill is supported by animal control officers thorughout the state.  They have hired a lobbyist to help them pass the bill.

Last year these people killed 60,673 cats, and only returned 2,991 to their owners.

The bill also targets EVERY feral cat in the state.

“…I’m sure you can see why this is so incredibly dangerous. Impounding cats means bringing them to the shelter, where their fates are uncertain. Just last year, Alley Cat Allies used the Freedom of Information Act to collect information on the outcomes of cats who entered Illinois shelters in 2008. The numbers were disturbing: animal pounds and shelters killed 60,673 cats. And only 2,991 cats were returned to their owners.

We simply can’t let this bill pass. Not only would pet cats found outdoors be in danger, but so would every single stray and feral cat living in the state. And in addition to the “at large” provision, the bill targets many parts of Illinois law favorable to feral cats and their caregivers…”

Alley Cats is taking donations to fight this horrible bill. They are a 5 Star Charity.


2 thoughts on “Stop Illinois H.B. 2703 – A Cat Death Act

  1. Hey SJ, I was on board with defeating this bill. I last heard from Robert Pritchard (State Rep) who stated;

    “Marcus: Thank you for your email regarding HB2703. Your viewpoint is
    important to me. The bill has been re-referred to the Rules Committee and
    appears dead for this session. Rest assured, I will keep your views in mind
    if HB2703 comes to the floor for debate.”

    However the State law makers need to take action against those whom let their cats out (tags or not) and are the casue of creating such a bill. I see several feral and friendly cats in my neighborhood, and I see thes same ones (at one time or another) sitting on someone’s front porch waiting to be let in or to be fed. Either way it is not fair to the animals and the owners should be held accountable.

    If you didn’t want it in the first place (in your house), why then did you adopt it.
    Cats always seem to get the sharp end of the stick at the end of the day.


  2. I’d love to know who the 50 animal control supporters of this bill are. Their elected bosses should be contacted and asked why our tax dollars are going to pay these peoples salaries when they are pushing legislation that is so harmful to animals. I’m sure their lobbyist is being payed with our tax dollars too.

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