A Cautionary and Heartbreaking Tale


A Cautionary and Heartbreaking Tale

Someone I know, let’s just call her “Ann” has a friend named “Miguel” who has been in the US for a good 20 years.  During the problems in South America that Ronald Reagan and Ollie North “Miguel” was a freedom fighter.  Only the Hand of God, in the form of a local Catholic priest, saved his life.  The priest was responsible for “Miguel” coming to this country.

To “Miguel” Ronald Reagan is the greatest person who ever lived. Inspired by Reagan, and his new freedom, “Miguel” went on to build a thriving business that employs at least 20 people.  He has made himself independently wealthy.  Over the years he has assisted his family, most of whom have left the oppression of their home-land, for freedom in America.

All are legal and all have green cards.

When the anti-immigration, anti-Hispanic fervor kicked in several years ago, “Miguel” became one of it’s victims.  He has been fighting for over a year to remain in this country.  If deported, he will return to certain death.  The reason he might be deported is because the anti-immigration hard-liners wants the status of those who are here on certain forms of asylum status revoked.  Once upon a time, being in American to avoid Communism was a glorious reason to stay.  Today, it is a walking deportation sentence.

His driver’s license expired a few weeks ago.  INS has a hold on his status, so he could not get a new one.  Last night he was “stopped” because of a tire problem (on a new vehicle).  “Ann” does not know if he is on his way to deportation or not.  If he is deported, he will be murdered the moment he steps off the plane – by communists.

His relatives have also been targeted for deportation.  All are here legally.  They are now being harassed by entities “Miguel” tells “Ann” are communist inspired.

He has told “Ann” to enjoy her freedom while she can.  He said he sees the beginning of the end for America, the way the end came for his country.  He is positive Barack Obama is in league with those he calls “communists” and they plan to do with this nation what Hugo Chavez did to Venezuela.

While I think his assessment is a little extreme, any man who has been whipped, tortured, and rescued while in the process of having his heart cut out – while he was conscious, knows something about communists and their actions.

“Miguel’s” tale also reinforces my assertion that the very nastiest and worst of the anti-immigration, anti-Hispanic hatred whipped up in conservatives was inspired by John Tanton, who is one of the most ardent pro abortion supporters in the nation, and one of the most viral environmentalists.  He wants to limit the population of the US to 90 million through forced abortion an selective eugenics.  Does this sound like something “conservative” or liberal and socialist?

For now, please keep these people in your prayers.  We don’t know how the story is going to end.  Most likely it will end in death and heartbreak.  If “Miguel’s” prediction comes true, it will end in the death of our freedom.  Pray he is wrong.


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  1. I will most certainly pray for “Ann” and “Miguel”. This is horrible. Never did we want the flow of LEGAL immigrants to be a part of the criminal behaviors and reckless disregard of the illegal aliens. This man and woman are Americans. There should be someway we can prevent this.

    Who is this creep that wants everyone killed? John, drop dead yourself. That will leave this planet with one less evil person. After all, I think we’ve got our share!

    Thank you for making us aware of this, SJR. Have a blessed day.

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