For the Mark Sanford Fans – I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!


“…“We are pleased with reports that Governor Sanford will join the other 49 governors — Democrats and Republicans — in filing a certification to accept Recovery Act money,” said Kenneth Baer, a spokesman for White House Budget Director Peter Orszag....”

Mark Sanford has been the poster boy for not taking Barack Obama’s stimulus money.  He has endeared himself to unwitting conservatives through the nation, all waiting for him to stick it to the man.

Those of us familiar with the antics of Sanford have been waiting to see who he would ‘screw’ this time.  Looks like he out-smarted himself.

Friday was the deadline for accepting stimulus money. Sanford blinked.  Yep, your great libertarian conservative hope is as fake as is Mitt Romney’s conservative virtues.

Sanford has decided that he needs more time to see if he’s going to take the money.  For those of you unfamiliar with Mark Sanford, I gather he’s doing a poll to see if taking the money will hurt his chances in an alleged primary with Jim DeMint or in a run for the GOP nomination.  What you need to understand is Mark Sanford is to the GOP what Barack Obama is to the Dems = nothing.  He’s what you want him to be.  To some he is a libertarian hero.  To others he’s the great hope against Sarah Palin.  Then to the rest of  us, he’s the worst excuse of a governor the GOP has fielded since Reconstruction.  (That’s an insult for all you Yankees who don’t know about such things).

From the Palmetto Scoop:

“…Gov. Mark Sanford announced late Thursday night that he will send a letter to the White House accepting most of the proposed $8 billion in federal stimulus money.

“Tomorrow the governor is going to send the (Section) 1607 certification for everything except the stabilization funds,” said Sanford’s spokesman, Joel Sawyer. “The governor will apply for that (additional) money if the General Assembly is willing to compromise and pay down some debt with it.”

By certifying the stimulus request, which the governor previously said he would not do, Sanford is essentially saying that some of the appropriated funds are needed. And doing so allows South Carolina to remain eligible for the $700 million in stabilization funds.

Sanford now has two-and-a-half months to decide if he will apply for that money.

If the governor cannot reach a compromise with state legislators on paying down debt, he may still decide against taking the stabilization funds. The Obama Administration and Rep. James Clyburn have made it very clear that if he does that, they may try to find a way around him….”


One thought on “For the Mark Sanford Fans – I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!

  1. First Sanfraud was against it…

    …then Sanfraud decided no I will sign it…

    then he will sign it but he is not for it…

    …then if he gets it they can’t have it….

    BTW, is the wool over your eyes yet?

    Does anyone remember the TV interview that Sanfrand gave where he said: ” I’m going to throw as many tacks in the road as I can to try and stop this stimulus spending”

    Do you have a flat tire yet?

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