Proof Conservatives Have Strayed Far Right


In 1994, when Bob Inglis was elected 4th District Congressman from South Carolina, going into the House along with Lindsey, who’d just been elected to Congress from the 3rd District, Inglis was considered the MOST conservative member of Congress from South Carolina. He was also considered one of the most conservative members of the House – period.

Fifteen years later, things have sure changed. When Inglis ran the first time, he ran on term limits, and term limited himself. He ran an unsuccessful bid for the Senate, then won his 4th District seat – again. That says something about him.

Bob Inglis has never changed. I’ve found him to be like his former counter-part in the 3rd District and now the senior Senator. He is a man of honor, decency, and a man of his word. They are two very find men who dearly love their country. Unfortunately – they are no longer conservative enough for some people in the 4th District.

As proof the 4th District has strayed impossibly far extreme left, the cited hate group, Council of Conservative Citizens and their associates in Stormfront held their annual gathering of their Klan in Spartanburg last summer. Because of the extreme right having taken over that part of the District, Inglis faces potential primary competition.

Inglis pegs it – exactly!

“…“I’m giving it consideration, but I haven’t made a final decision,” Thomas told POLITICO. “I’m looking at it, praying about it. Bob’s a friend of mine, we go way back, and I want to be as gentlemanly as I can, but Republicans can be ready for a change, too.”

Inglis said he welcomed the opposition — “the more, the merrier,” he said in an interview with POLITICO — but added that he is troubled by the Republican Party’s direction being driven by the “ideology of a small and angry sect.”

What we’re seeing here in South Carolina is typical of the question we face nationwide as Republicans. The question is whether conservatism is about our love of country or dislike of our opponents,” Inglis said. “I’m advancing conservatism with a hopeful, optimistic voice. Other people see it differently. They would appeal to a shrinking base and call for the purity of our party. I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

The problem is that his seat is one place where that shrinking base still holds outsized influence. Greenville County, the district’s population hub, was the only one in the state to vote for a hard-right, anti-illegal-immigration primary challenger to Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) last year. Districtwide, Barack Obama won just 38 percent of the vote. …”

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