He-Man RINO Haters Club


The title is not original. I stole it from R. Brian McCarty at Voting Under the Influence. McCarty has a better discription of what is going on than anything I’ve seen to date. He repeats the same thing people like AJ Strata and I have been saying for ages.

“…The late Carroll Campbell was instrumental in bringing about that power shift. Campbell brought Ronald Reagan’s “big tent” policy to the South Carolina Republican Party. If someone agreed on seven or eight out of ten things the Republican Party stood for, they were welcomed to join the party. As Reagan put it once, “a half of loaf is better than none.” The “big tent” philosophy made it comfortable for lifelong Democrats and Independents to vote Republican and give Republicans big election wins….No matter how long one has worked to elect and support Republicans, disagree with one thing on the agenda of the He-Man RINO hater’s club, and you will be deemed a liberal Democrat out to destroy God and America…..Indeed when I think about some of the things Republican stalwarts like Reagan, Campbell, Goldwater and even Gingrich addressed, I can not help but think some well paid operative would call them RINOs today in South Carolina politics.

What those men knew, and the well paid punks running around calling themselves real Republicans now do not know is that there is a great middle ground out there with voters….”

Strata rightly castigates Newt for his endless criticism of GWB.

“...Still blaming Bush because the far right leaders in Congress porked up the bills and couldn’t contain their spending. Well, if Newt and Hannity want to go off deeper into the fringes to prove their purity over all others, be my guest!…”

Glenn Beck is going to prove a serious problem for the GOP.

“….However, Beck’s paranoid style is seeping into the discourse of conservative politics, which should be of concern to Republicans. . …”

I’ve been telling you if something doesn’t give with these people, we’re in serious you know what.

The strange thing is the fact that the only ones who are really complaining about “conservatives” in the GOP not being “pure enough” are those who are not part of the GOP.  That’s where the problem is – the real problem.  If we don’t give people like Michelle Malkin, Glenn Beck, Laura Ingraham, Bill O’Reilly, and Sean Hannity the boot, we’re going to be living under Democratic control forever.

They are the enemy.

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