Kitten Rescue 911


This evening as I was getting into the Durango to head to church (and for ONCE I was on time), I heard this panic “meow”.  I finally tracked it down to this tiny little piece of black wriggling in a hidy-hole in the middle of the holly hedge.  I called Barbara, who, the last time I saw her today, was wearing heavy gardening shoes and jeans.  She hurried over to my condo and quickly extracted the little guy.

It was a 4 inch long wriggling, furious, spitting, little bundle of fur.  The eyes were not open, but his ears had opened.  I’d say he is maybe 7 or 8 days old.  He’s a strong little guy.

I called Martina, who does feline rescue.  She has a friend who is baby feeding three other little ones, so I took him down to her.

I am worried about the mommy and am afraid it is the adorable little black and white guy who disappeared.  Then again, it could be the beautiful long-haired black lady, who was no where to be seen today.

FYI – I discovered the best way to find homes for orphan kittens may be at church on Wednesday night.  The little one had 2 adoption offers – both good homes.  If he survives, he will go to a great home!


I don’t think I’ve said anything about the problems Hoss had been experiencing.  After I returned from Tombstone, I discovered that the little guy was hiding in the guest room closet.  Seems he and Mommy Cat had a major “set-to”.

He was thin, very upset, and appeared to be distressed.

I put out some Meow-Mix, and gave him some water.  Finally he climbed out of his safe place and went directly to the guest room tub and well – you can guess the rest.  Then he sprayed all over the bathroom – big time.

I realized we were either having a break-down or it was a guy thing.

I finally gave up and put a small litter box in the bathroom.  Bubbles was quite appreciative of it.  I was able to discover that we had good in/out with Hoss, so he was eating and drinking.

Then he started crying for me.  I’d come in to the guess room and he would do the whole rub thing, talking and crying.  On Monday night I realized he was ready to “come out of the closet” and was heading to the entry of the room.  Tuesday he was officially “out”.  When Maggie and Raymond came, Rumsfeld chased the little guy up onto my kitchen cabinet.  We talked for awhile, and a I very quietly asked Maggie to get the kitty carrier, and the cage I was planning to put it in.  You might remember the last time we tried the carrier to the vet thing Hoss split the carrier in half.

I managed to get his anxiety medication into his mouth – in other words, by the time I got him to the vet he was stoned.  We’re now awaiting test results, and THE BIG SNIP, which will occur on Monday.


2 thoughts on “Kitten Rescue 911

  1. oh! he sounds a bit younger than 7-8 days. eyes still shut. make sure to keep him hydrated and fed. lots of warmth too. what a sweet little gift to find and get to nuture.

  2. Well – our politics aren’t the same but our soft spots for kitties are – they just melt the heart. They make them so damn cute for a reason – they grow up to be little fur balls of terror. I love that your dog (I assume it is a dog) is named Rumsfeld – do you call him Rummy for short?!

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