Thirteen Things I’ve Done Since My Last TT


1.  Helped my mother with her foot surgery in mid-January.

2.  Had my six months melanoma check-up – all clear!

3.  Managed to get all of Mommy Cat’s last litter adopted.

4.  Finally got Hoss Cartwright out of the closet (long story) and down to the vet for the “big snip”

5.  Spent a week in Tombstone in March.

6.  Started culling photos for my new book.  I have about 2000 to sell.  Anyone want one?

7.  Have spent a month trying to come up with a title for the new book. Any ideas?

8.  Completed the re-decorating in my dining room, kitchen, and living room!

9.  Became very well known at all the local “junk” and antique stores.  I bought about 8 different pieces of furniture which I “distressed” and re-did.

10.  Have cleaned out every closet and drawer in my condo! (Okay, so I am the superrior human because of that one!).

11.  Bought a Kindle II.  Hate it.  Went back to the old one.  Plan on selling the new one on Ebay.

12.  Bought the rest of the laminate flooring to do my guest room and bedroom.  Plan to do that in the next few weeks.

13.  Oh – have had the new oven since the end of January and have YET to set it on fire or blow anything up in the new microwave!


13 thoughts on “Thirteen Things I’ve Done Since My Last TT

  1. So glad you got to Tombstone! That must have been wonderful. Sorry about your mom’s foot. My mom has been having health problems, too, so I know firsthand how worrying it can be.

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