The Great Florida Skunk Ape


I’m linking to this one from the Palm Beach Post, because, way back in 1980, when the “sightings” were reported, my uncle was called in on the investigation.  Somewhat of a skeptic, he’s now convinced “something” is out there.  The thing went after two kids walking home from school.  My uncle was called in to track it.  He said at night, when you are camping out in the swamps, you can smell something foul.  He also says you know something is out there – watching you.  It’s called the Skunk Ape.

“…But it was concentrated locally in the 1970s, when South Florida then had more open space and about half the people it does now.

A local dispatcher said he was advising lawmen that locals were so jumpy the cops should identify themselves when they approached homes.

“I know it exists,” Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputy Marvin Lewis said in 1980.

He said he and fellow deputy Ernie Milner made some 50 forays to the wild.

They said they shot something in 1974 west of Lantana that grunted and fled back to the dark. Another time, they found mysterious hair on a barbed-wire fence.

Lewis put in 27 years and retired in 1997. He hasn’t changed his mind.

He said recently that any along the coast were long ago driven west by encroaching civilization….”