America Just Might Be a “Christian” Nation After All!


Newsweek decided to insult Christians in this country by proclaiming the United States is no longer a Christian Nation.  Of course they were only aping their Fearless Leader who says the US is not a “Christian” nation at all.

There’s something I’ve learned about Barack Obama.  You can tell when he is lying.  His lips are moving.  Rasmussen has an interesting little poll.

Rasmussen has found that, with a +or- of 3%, 88% of adults nationwide think Jesus Christ actually existed.

Then, Rasmussen found that 82% believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God, and died for our sins!America Once Had a Christian POTUS

An astonishing 79% of American adults believe Jesus Christ rose from the dead!  87% of those are women, and 70% of those are men.  85% of Catholics believe Christ rose from the dead.  86% of Protestants and 97% of Evangelicals do the same.

Even more remarkable is the following:

“…Among those who rarely or never attend church, 50% believe Jesus rose from the dead, 58% think he was the son of God and 72% say he walked the Earth….A separate Rasmussen Reports survey found that 53% consider Easter to be one of the nation’s most important holidays…”


3 thoughts on “America Just Might Be a “Christian” Nation After All!

  1. Sixty two per cent of evangelicals support torture – unspecified torture.

    A majority of the “prolife” “Christians” thought that dropping bombs on a city full of civilians, based on lies, as happened in Iraq was a good thing to do.

    Give his demand that we must call ourselves a Christian nation, he apparently hasn’t heard of the US Constitution.

    The rest of us? Jews? Muslims? Atheists? Agnostics? Buddhists? We have no rights. That is NOT American.

  2. How does all this propaganda fit with this statistic from the same place?

    “Thirty-three percent (33%) say they attend some form of religious service at least once a week. Thirty-percent (30%) rarely or never attend. Thirty-three percent (33%) are somewhere in between. ”

    If more than 70% of Americans say they believe all this religious stuff, why do so few actually go to services?

    Because they want the pollster to THINK they are religious.

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